September saw the release of MiHoYo\’s Genshin Impact, and within a mere 2 weeks the title became the most successful new IP by a Chinese developer. And as a \”gacha-style\” action RPG that borrows its genius combat from The Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild, it\’s no wonder why this PS4 and mobile crossover is so popular.

With tons of characters and secret areas to be unlocked, and an intricate combat system that provides endless fun, this isn\’t a game that can be fully enjoyed in a short time. However, some truly committed players may have already built the teams they want and achieved everything that they feel the game has to offer. So, to any Genshin overachievers, here are 10 titles that will help the comedown and scratch the same itch, whether that itch is for a mobile gacha RPG, or a sprawling open world console adventure.


10 Honkai Impact 3rd

Another gacha-style mobile game from MiHoYo, Honkai Impact 3rd is a sleeper hit for one of the most popular and well received mobile games in the last 10 years. Impact has players leveling up their valkyries via either in-game purchases or a well designed leveling system, then taking them into a fun and exciting 3rd person combat system.

Widely considered to feature one of the best combat systems in a mobile game, with hack and slash fare reminiscent of some of the greatest JRPG action titles, Impact is sure to satisfy. Whether players want some slashing on the go, or if they\’re looking to sink hours into the development of a tiny, sword-swinging lady, this title is a great choice.

9 Hyper Light Drifter

A top down hack and slash adventure with tons of 2d carnage, Heart Machine\’s Hyper Light Drifter is a great follow up to any third person action game. It may be light on RPG elements, but it provides a truly challenging experience in world that feels completely unique.

And what makes this title singular is the way it handles storytelling. The story is presented in a very Souls-like manner, with a lot of inferred lore, backstory, and mythology sprinkled throughout hidden pockets in the world. If players really want to learn the aching history of the game, they have to be diligent in finding hidden hallways tucked at the edge of the screen. It\’s not a prerequisite to enjoy the game, but it\’s a beautiful example of alternative in-game tale spinning.


8 Fire Emblem: Three Houses

Fire Emblem:Three Houses is the most recent addition one of Nintendo\’s oldest franchises, and a fun advancement in the series\’ tactical turn-based RPG gameplay. As usual, players will accumulate a party of warriors, cavalry, magic users, archers, and many other units and lead them into a continental conflict.

Set in the kingdom of Fódlan, the game sets a monastic teacher against forces of political evil, introducing several new mechanics along the way.  For the first time in a Fire Emblem game, players can decide between multiple different paths through the story, and there are many mechanical upgrades (like battalions) along the way.  It\’s a deep strategy and role playing experience, and a slightly more  cerebral follow up to the Genshin Impact experience.


7 Another Eden

A turn based JRPG made by some of the same people responsible for Chrono Trigger,  Another Eden is another one of the several outstanding mobile games on this list. It is also one of the most story-heavy mobile games ever made. There are hours of main quest to be experienced, multiple timelines with their own unique characters, and even a handful of side missions to be explored.

The game also features well written characters with their own voice actors, different modes of difficulty, an intricate leveling system, post-game content, and a fluid turn based system that gives the experience a classic JRPG feel. Another Eden may not have reinvented the wheel, but it proves resolutely that the wheel turns just fine on a mobile platform.


6 Marvel: Strike Force

Marvel: Strike Force is a great game for any superhero fan simply because it features every character under the sun. From Wolverine, Spidey, and Star Lord, to Iron Man, AntMan, and even Luke Cage. Everyone is playable in this game. And while it may be another mobile gacha game to sneak onto this list, it also fits in terms of quality with other definitive Marvel video games.

Combat is a turn based experience in which players must build a team of heroes and villains that can use their specific attacks, abilities, and ultimate abilities in a synergistic way.  It\’s a surprisingly deep and strategic system for any game, nonetheless a mobile one, and with 75 playable characters to unlock and develop into a team, there is no shortage of replay ability.

5 Cross Code

Developers Radical Fish started making Cross Code in 2012, resorting to crowdfunding at a certain point to keep the project alive. Now, at the end of the decade, PC and console gamers alike can finally enjoy this complex story and layered gameplay reminiscent of some of old school gaming\’s greatest hits.

Set in an in-game MMO called \”Cross Worlds,\” players take control of Lea, a girl who is in a coma in the real world, and can temporarily only maintain consciousness in this game world. The story is intellectually challenging, mysterious, and the gameplay is immersive and challenging. This title is a great option for any gamer, nonetheless someone coming straight from Genshin Impact.


4 The Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild

It is no secret that MiHoYo\’s Genshin Impact was heavily influenced by Breath Of The Wild, even going as far as to make Genshin\’s combat a direct replica of the combat system. But how could it not be, when the influence in question is also one of the greatest achievements in video game  history.

What is there to even say about this game that hasn\’t already been said? It\’s one of the most sprawling and alive open worlds ever, full  of secrets, enemies, characters, weapons, armors, and hours of spellbinding fun. If players haven\’t played this  title before, then they already know they\’re missing out. This list is not the first they\’re hearing about it.

3 Moonlighter

Moonlighter may actually have one of the most unique premises in video games, and that\’s saying something! This top down action RPG has characters taking control of a shopkeeper named Will. Will lives a normal life tending to his wares by day, then transforms into a vigilante knight/Batman/Link by night.

It\’s a charming story of someone daring to dream, and having to live up to their dreams, and the gameplay is classic 2d third person action. It\’s a hack, slash, then sell (if that even exists), and it\’s a great next step after Genshin\’s action packed fun.

2 The Alchemist Code

The last mobile RPG to make the list, The Alchemist Code is a tactical, turn based RPG with almost too much going on. Menus are crowded, players are always getting new items and rewards, and there are daily updates and challenges to consider. So yes, it\’s loud.

But it\’s also a very well designed combat system with a full story and a lot of incentive to keep coming back to play. And, as with the other titles on this list, The Alchemist Code is a staunch reminder of the capabilities of mobile gaming, and how little respect the  genre gets (despite examples such as this).

1 The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

Whether players are turned on to this game by the new Netflix Series, or by scores of older gamers telling tales of Geralt of Rivia, 3rd person action RPGs don\’t get much better than The Witcher 3. Players take control of a Witcher named Geralt, a magical mutant designed to hunt monsters, and get caught up in the world shaping struggles that have come to define fantasy tales such as these.

It\’s an experience full of fun combat, a juicy and enticing world, tons of characters to be schmoozed, millions of conversation trees to be navigated, and more than a few monsters to be slain. For any player looking to sink their teeth into sprawling fantasy RPG, they should  look no further than Geralt\’s third outing.