At launch, Genshin Impact already had an impressive roster of diverse playable characters. Since then, Genshin Impact\’s roster has grown even more, as developer miHoYo continues adding more characters into the game. The arrival of new Genshin Impact characters shows no signs of slowing down, since two are coming to the game tomorrow – and even more are coming in future updates.

One of the biggest draws to Genshin Impact is collecting characters for players\’ teams. While a few starter characters are acquired through Genshin Impact\’s main story, most have to be pulled from the game\’s gacha system, which is called Wishes. A few Genshin Impact characters like Fischl are available through special events, and certain characters have higher RNG rates during certain times. There are a ton of playable characters to collect, and it\’s one of the many things that makes Genshin Impact so addictive.