A furious fan has destroyed his PlayStation 4 in protest of Sony\’s promotion of Genshin Impact at Chinese gaming expo ChinaJoy. The game was first revealed for PC and smartphones at E3, but it was only recently announced that Genshin Impact is coming to PS4 as well.

Genshin Impact and its developer MiHoYo have been under siege by angry commentators ever since the game was first shown. Genshin Impact is overtly inspired by Nintendo\’s masterpiece The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, which launched on Switch and Wii U only two years ago. Many fans have remarked that the two games are nearly identical from a mechanical and graphical standpoint, and are calling Genshin Impact a \”Chinese knockoff,\” among other things. The controversy surrounding the game has only intensified lately, but perhaps the worst of it happened during ChinaJoy this past week.