When Breath of the Wild was first released, players were blown away by how much it dwarfed all the previous entries in the Zelda series, but now Genshin Impact has been out for some time now and the game is constantly being compared to Breath of the Wild. Genshin Impact borrows gameplay mechanics, art direction, and world design from Nintendo\’s latest mainline Zelda title, so it\’s fair to compare the maps of both open-world adventures. Hyrule and Teyvat are similar medieval fantasy realms that countless gamers have gotten lost in, but which map is bigger?

Part of what makes Breath of the Wild feel so gargantuan is its excellent use of verticality and distance. When exploring Hyrule, players can rest assured that when they see a giant mountain in the distance or an expansive forest over the horizon, they can probably get there. Nintendo achieves these breathtaking views by adding huge, scalable cliffs so players can view the world from great heights and decide where to explore from there. This verticality not only helps with the spectacle of Hyrule, but it also adds significantly more space to an area. These massive caves and trenches are often jam-packed with goodies, enemy camps, or shrines to discover, so players can spend lots of time carefully traversing these nooks and crannies to find loot.