2020 has taken several people by surprise in a variety of ways. However, in the world of gaming, it\’s hard to know if players anticipated miHoYo\’s Genshin Impact being as popular as it has become. In only the first four days of the game\’s launch, miHoYo reported that the game had been downloaded over 17 million times on mobile devices alone. Player spending in those early days was quite large as well, with miHoYo bringing in over $100 million from the game\’s gacha mechanics and recouping their development costs in the first two weeks of launch.

While some might think these numbers to be a fluke and that the game couldn\’t continue to grow, Genshin Impact proved otherwise. Recently it was reported by Sensor Tower that during the past month, Genshin Impact was the highest grossing mobile game bringing in almost $250 million. The large amount of revenue caused Genshin Impact to have the second biggest mobile game launch of all time, with only Pokemon GO beating it at $283 million.

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This first month has likely been far more successful for miHoYo than it initially expected. And although a big launch is certainly helpful with cultivating an audience, some players might argue that the first year of a game is its biggest test. Thankfully, it appears that miHoYo agrees with this mentality, and is seemingly putting in the effort to make Genshin Impact a long term success.

Consistent Updates/Patches

Although Genshin Impact’s first month has been quite successful, that success hasn’t come for free. The game has been plagued with several bugs like character abilities not working correctly. Genshin has also struggled with mistranslations and typos in Artifact set bonuses and weapon effects.

While these could be enough to make some players quit the game, miHoYo has worked to quickly eliminate as many of these issues as possible. Genshin Impact has been patched several times over the past month, and to thank players for their understanding and patience, miHoYo has rewarded everyone with items like Primogems and Mora.

Transparency with Community

Despite its popularity, Genshin Impact players have had qualms with some of the game’s many features. While some have championed the game’s microtransactions, others have felt that the rates for pulling a 5 star character are too low and might be considered predatory to those that face gambling issues. However, miHoYo seems to be dedicated to taking most fan feedback and trying to make as many improvements as possible.

Future Content

Finally, consistently creating new content for players to enjoy could be key to Genshin Impact\’s long lasting success. By now, there is likely a high percentage of players that have already completed the currently available questlines in Genshin Impact and are stuck just running Domains repeatedly until they get the Artifact sets they need to journey farther into the Spiral Abyss. While the challenge of the Spiral Abyss may be enticing for some, others will likely want to continue the story that has been laid out so far in the launch content, and continue exploring other regions of the map like Inazuma.

The staff working on Genshin Impact also seem to be aware of this desire and have provided players with details on new content that is coming soon. Recently, miHoYo released a trailer for the game\’s 1.1 update, which will conclude the Liyue story arc that began in the base game. The 1.1 update will also bring four new characters into the game\’s gacha system: Childe, Zhongli, Xinyan, and Diona. All of this will be available to players on November 11, 2020, with another update coming on December 23, adding a new region to the map called Dragonspine.

Between the quick turnaround on bug fixes, transparency with its players, and fulfilling the demand for new content, it seems that miHoYo has the blueprint for a long term success already in place. As long as it sticks to this, it\’s likely that players will be playing Genshin Impact for a long time to come.

Genshin Impact is available now on PC, PS4, and mobile devices.