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Genshin Impact Elements: elemental combos, reactions, burst and their effects

Despite being a free-to-play title, Genshin Impact is clearly keen to show its fully-fledged role-playing game chops – and with that comes a need for some strong RPG mechanics. A classic of the genre is Elements – and Genshin Impact features an elemental system that lets players trigger special combos if they approach things the right way.  Elements are […]

Genshin Impact Cooking guide: recipe locations, ingredients and character specialty dishes

You can get up to a lot of different things in Genshin Impact, but an absolutely major component is Cooking. Cooking requires you to simply head up to a stove – which are found all over in cities and at campfires – and doing so brings up a menu that lets you cook delicious meals using a […]

Genshin Impact Swan Quiz: Question and Answer list for Swan's quest

There\’s a large range of quests in Genshin Impact – and they\’re not all about beating up monsters. One particular character, Swan, challenges you to a quiz – and if you answer correctly, you\’ll get some handy rewards. You can find Swan just at the main gated entrance to Mondstadt, doing his jobn guarding the […]

Genshin Impact Elemental Crucible Event: elemental energy overflowing and other event challenges

Genshin Impact is finally getting rolling in earnest, and that brings with it limited time events – and we\’re now kicking off with the Elemental Crucible Event, the first major co-operative online event to hit the free-to-play RPG. The Elemental Crucible co-op event was confirmed in a post on the official Genshin Impact website alognside […]

Genshin Impact Daily Reset Time: when the server reset is in your region

Being an entirely-online game, Genshin Impact of course has you connecting to servers when you first log in. It\’s not quite a fully-fledged MMO, but lots of things are determined by the real-time date and time including certain bonuses and freebies like the daily login bonus and the bonus rewards players get on their birthday. That, thus, […]

Genshin Impact Banners: current and upcoming draws, including Klee's banner

While it\’s free-to-play, one transactional system is at the very core of Genshin Impact – the random-chance \’gacha\’ system, which allows you to spend in-game currency or real cash in order to have a random lucky draw that\’ll hopefully contain powerful characters or weapons. In the gacha genre, often the lucky draws are split into Banners, and so […]

Genshin Impact Local Specialty list: Mondstadt and Liyue Local Specialties & locations

Each region of the world of Teyvat in Genshin Impact has what the game calls local specialties. These are unique items and materials that are tied to a specific region of the game – and that often has a knock-on effect to how they\’re used. What we mean by this is that the characters in […]