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When you play Genshin Impact, do you skip the conversations when interacting with NPC or read them all?

The game has a fair amount of story to it and the dialogue from the npc’s has information regarding that story. I personally have read all of the dialogue when I interact with any of the npc’s for the story. Now the random townspeople, just like a lot of other games have scripted dialogue and […]

In the Ace Attorney series, which prosecutor do you think was the toughest challenge to face? Spin-offs included.

In the Ace Attorney series, which prosecutor do you think was the toughest challenge to face? Spin-offs included.

The toughest prosecutor? In my opinion, this would be Hart Vortex from DGS2. (Technically, he’s not a prosecutor during the events of the game, but he used to be one.) spoilers ahead This is the guy who: incited murder to claim the position of Chief Justice for himself killed one prosecutor (Klimt van Zieks) who […]

Liyue is a terrific exorcist, but who takes away his ability to see the spirits in Genshin Impact?

Oh? Are you talking about Chongyun? Because I don’t know anyone in the game who’s named Liyue, I only know about city that’s named Liyue. There isn’t a answer to that, at least for now. For some reason he has either bad luck which doesn’t allow him to see spirits or something. In the Hangout […]

Who would win in a fight, Jean or Diluc?

Wait. I haven’t done anything related to Genshin Impact on here but I’ve been playing it recently. I also don’t think this was directly requested to me because it just says looking for an answer. Quora tracking what I play? Anyways, it’s very hard to say who’s stronger. They’re both relatively comparable, or at least, […]

Is there any way to change the bit from 32 to 64 on my windows 10 pro HP computer? I really want to download genshin and its 2.1 update is tomorrow but my iPad storage is full also it says the media creation tool isn’t supported on my system :(

Thanks for the question. The main determining factor for an operating system supporting 64-bit or 32-bit architecture is the Processor. It is a hardware issue, and cannot be “switched” through some software means. Most PC processor chips since 2009 have 64-bit data architecture. A 32-bit operating system will work just fine on a 64-bit processor. […]

My available disk space is 32.8 GB and the required disk space for Genshin is 28.1 GB but it still says Insufficient space on disk. What do I do?

You will need to free up more space. The game may say it is 28.1gb in download size but it still has to unpack and space to copy the package to your drive itself. With only 4gb of space to do that in isn’t enough for a 28gb file that will be expanded.