Do you think Chinese anime would be watched more if the voices were done in Japanese?

There’s a very odd way that the current Chinese market pitch their anime, that doesn’t sit right with me.

We must remember that every creative product coming out of China has to skirt political subjects and make sure they don’t make any allusions against people. Except the ones that are considered public enemies, of course.

In that sense, Chinese creative products only have a scant few variants: entire in-jokes and nuances only Chinese audiences will understand, which will necessitate Chinese voice acting. Example – wuxia is a popular fiction genre, but the rules behind the whole thing is largely fixed and the drama that happens is often somewhere halfway stuck along Confucian lines. War fiction is generally limited to historical stories with favorable outcomes, and drama along love and Confucian lines. Modern day-themed drama used to be hot, but after “time travel to the past” type stories that depict fights against authorities were deemed unacceptable, its all back to square one with bland stories, if ever.

My point being simple. Chinese anime and other creative products won’t usually receive supremely favourable responses even if they were done in Japanese, strictly due to the inability to stretch creativity beyond their bounds due to creative limits. You can scream and tell me I am wrong and that such products as Arknights and Genshin Impact prove otherwise, but I’ll remind you that the success of those games are not really due to the story content but by the very fact that they tick all the anime tropes with regards to the characterisations and possibly even the kemomimis, which is fairly easy to do and hard to get wrong but offer hollow drama which is evidently reflected. No amount of big name seiyuu star power will save a barely tolerable story, let us be real.

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