Does a child add joy to your life?

Very much.

Just few minutes ago, my daughter laid on my arm, singing the theme song from Genshin Imapct with her baby voice, holding my other hand with her cute little fingers, explaining the differences between her ‘normal’ voice and ‘fake baby’ voice to me, that made me feel like she is the best achievement that I have ever made.

Earlier this day, she was discussing a Japanese anime Detective Conan with me, she wanted to know how I feel about Conan, I said ‘well, the anime was inspired by Sherlock Holmes, the author was Conan Doyle, that’s why the main character in the anime was named Conan. When I was at your age, I thought the deductions made by Sherlock Holmes were incredible, but when I grow older and learned more, I found myself was capable to do more complicated deductions, so the halo faded.’ Then she raised her hand to request speaking, she said ‘Dad, sorry for interupt, but I really want to share some of my experience. When I make new friends, I always play dumb, because I have found out that people don’t like smartass. Well, that’s just my two cents, you don’t have to listen to me.’

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