Version 1.1. of Genshin Impact has introduced a limited-time event for the month of November called Unreconciled Stars. In this story, mysterious meteors have been landing around Teyvat and causing its inhabitants to fall into unending dreams. It’s up to the players to investigate this otherworldly oddity; provided they’ve reached Adventurer Rank 20.

The first phase of this event is called The Unknown Star and can be initiated by speaking with Katheryne in Mondstat. Once started, players will play out a brief story segment investigating the event in Springvale alongside a renowned explorer. Afterward, adventurers can set out in search of meteorite shards in locations where the meteors fell. Completing this questline provides players with a variety of useful resources, such as mora, primogems, and more. Here’s how and where to find the locations of these meteorite shards in Genshin Impact.

How to Locate Meteorite Shards in Genshin Impact

To begin looking for the shards, select the quests button represented by the compass and choose the event. The menu will then show 3 separate places where the shards can be hunted. There are currently six possible locations where meteor shards can be found, most of them in Liyue. The title of each mission corresponds to a certain destination in Teyvat, which can be highlighted by selecting the map icon right of the listed rewards. Players who have explored most of the game world will be able to easily warp to these locations, as there is either a waypoint or Statue of the Seven nearby. Below is a list of each mission and the places where their shards can be found.

  • Where Stars Fall – Though this mission mentions Starfall Lake, one of the first locations players reach when starting the game, the shards can be found anywhere between the Whispering Forest and the Temple of a Thousand Winds.
  • Starlit Cape Oath – While there are several shards located around this cape, many tied to this mission are found in the cliffs around Dadaupa Valley to the west.
  • Meteors Over Qingce – This rural village doesn’t have any shards directly inside it, though a few have fallen on the farms in it’s outskirts. Look around the path leading to Qingce from the Stone Gate and the nearby Wuwang Hill.
  • Yaoguang Algol – This collection of small islands can be found south of the abandoned Mingyun town, though the town itself has no shards. Some of the shards can be found on the beaches of the Guili Plains, so be sure to look over there too.
  • Guyun Starcatcher – This archipelago can be found east of Liyue harbor. Every single island has at least 1 shard hiding on it, so don’t skip any of them!
  • Stardust in Jueyun – Qingyun Peak, Mt. Aozang, Huaguang Stone Forest, and Mt. Hulao are the 4 landmarks that this final area consists of. This area has the most treacherous terrain, so be careful.

After arriving at the designated location, players can begin tracking down the shards. While there are around 20 shards in each chosen region of the map, only 7 of them need to be found in their respective areas to complete the quest; finding all of them isn’t necessary. Locating the shards is easy, thanks to the trackers on the mini-map in the top left corner. It displays the general location of each shard by highlighting the area they are in with a light blue hue. This cannot be viewed on the main map, so zooming out to see them all at once is impossible. Instead, taking the path that runs through each territory will naturally lead players to these blue zones. The shards can be found on both flat land and cliffsides alike, so don’t rule them out just because they’re hard to reach. Consider finding ways to improve stamina, so climbing and gliding around the map will expend less energy.