For those who got to lucky enough to play Genshin Impact\’s closed beta and reach Adventure Rank 32, Klee was obtainable as a playable character. After the game\’s full launch, however, Klee did not appear in the original lineup. It was previously predicted that Klee would arrive alongside one of the updates coming in November or December.

Now, it\’s been revealed Klee will once again be fully obtainable via her Sparkling Steps Banner starting October 20th. Here\’s everything players should know before attempt to get Klee in Genshin Impact\’s gacha game.

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Who Is Klee?

Klee is one of the playable child characters of Genshin Impact. She\’s a bomb-throwing Pyro user which makes her a unique addition to the roster. Though she is a mage and wields a catalyst as her weapon of choice, her attacks focus on the use of infinite bombs and fire lasers to attack enemies. Her attacks are based solely on Pyro Damage but, as bombs, can be timed and coordinated. So similarly to Xiangling, she works excellent as a Pyro Support to trigger Elemental Reactions while dealing hefty damage herself.

Pulling Klee on Sparkling Steps

Klee\’s Sparkling Steps Banner will be available to Wish upon starting October 20th and ending November 11th, and succeeds Venti\’s Ballad in Goblet\’s Banner. Klee\’s Banner will also operate the same as Ballad in Goblets. Similar to Venti, every five-star pull from the Sparkling Steps Banner has a 50% chance to be Klee. The pity pull will also operate the same. The Banner will have a 90-pull mercy, meaning that every 90 pulls will guarantee a five-star character. Those also have a 50% of being Klee, and if the Pyro kid isn\’t won from the first pity pull, she will be won on the second. So the maximum Wishes that can be made without pulling Klee are 180.

Keep in mind that this \”50% chance\” to pull Klee isn\’t what Genshin Impact makes it seem. Even with the rate-up given by the Banner, all five-star characters still only have a 0.6% chance to get, including Klee. The guarantee with this Banner simply means that Klee has a higher chance to be pulled over any other five-star characters, but it will still be extremely difficult to do so. Despite the pity system noted above, tread lightly when spending hard-earned cash on the Pyro child.

Four-Star Characters on Sparkling Steps

Statistically, most five-star pulls are coming from players putting enough money and wishes in to implement the pity system. But for those who don\’t have the money or don\’t want to spend it on the low chance of pulling Klee, the four-star characters are the biggest interest. Despite what Genshin\’s gacha system might imply, four-star characters are good enough to clear the difficult areas of the game with the right builds and team compositions. Likewise, F2P players rely on these occasional four-star pulls to progress without spending any cash.

Genshin Impact is free-to-play on mobile devices, PC, and PS4 and is coming to Switch at a later date.