Once miHoYo rolls out the Version 1.1 Update for Genshin Impact, players will get another opportunity to win rare prizes during the game\’s second co-op event, Unreconciled Stars. This one will be a bit different than the last, Elemental Crucible, so here\’s what players can expect once the content update releases on November 11th.

Event Duration

Unlike the Elemental Crucible event that only lasted a short week, players will have a bit longer to participate in Unreconciled Stars. The event will last two weeks and will be split up into three segments: Unknown Stars, Stars of Deceitful Dreams, and Stars of Destiny. Each part will come with its own unique tasks and prizes, including Primogems, Artifacts, Hero\’s Wit, and more.

Unreconciled Star\’s Prizes

Numerous awards will be available during Unreconciled Stars, including a rare item called the Crown of Insight, which looks to be a brand-new item that comes with the release of Version 1.1. But what every fan is getting amped up for is the opportunity to win the four-star Fischl. This is a big deal because Fischl contends with five-stars such as Diluc or Mona as one of the best characters in the game, despite being rated only four-stars in rarity, making it the perfect opportunity for free-to-play players to get their hands on a powerful bow wielder.

Comparing this one to past tasks that allow the player to unlock four-stars for free, fans shouldn\’t expect obtaining Fischl to be an easy feat. For example, obtaining Xiangling for free first requires the player to be a minimum of Adventure Rank 20 to unlock the Spiral Abyss, then surpass Chamber 3 of Floor 3. Doing so takes far more leveling than just AR20, making sure that players put in the groundwork to get their hands on Xiangling completely free.

Exactly how Fischl will be offered as a free reward has not yet been detailed, but according to rough translations from the recent developer showcase, it involves completing a series of quests called Fated Star and Starfall multiple times. Other than normal but important prizes such as Primogems and Artifacts, players will also be able to win new Glider skins called Wings of Azure Wind and Wings of Golden Flight.

How the Event Works

Like the Elemental Crucible event, Unreconciled Stars will task players to team up with other Travelers to complete tasks. They will engage in battles against waves of enemies while being timed. The roughly translated text says that players will be rewarded points by killing the monsters but can be deducted points for taking damage, and will also need to \”submit energy,\” possibly similar to the Elemental Crucible event.

The challenges can also put effects on the player characters, possibly similar to the effects seen in Chambers of the Spiral Abyss. Unfortunately, to collect at least some of the rewards, players will have to put down 40 Original Resin, meaning there is some form of a limit on how much of the event players can participate in per day.

Genshin Impact is available on mobile devices, PC, and PS4 with PS5 and Switch versions in development.