Genshin Impact players often find themselves gathering miscellaneous ingredients and materials as they explore Teyvat. While some of the found objects spawn commonly throughout the map, others like the Jueyun Chili are a bit more temperamental.

The Jueyun Chili is one of several cooking ingredients used in Genshin Impact, and is known as a Liyue delicacy. The bright red flower-like chilis found only in the Liyue region are allegedly so spicy that \”merely smelling [them] makes one hot and thirsty.\”

These spicy Liyue treats are not only a coveted cooking ingredient, but also a valuable Ascension material for the character Xiangling. Players may be familiar with some of the Jueyun Chili spawning grounds in Liyue, but those who have started to use their Chilis for cooking and upgrading will quickly run low on supplies. To find the quantities of Jueyun Chili needed for both general needs and Xiangling, players will have to forage a bit more thoughtfully.

Redditor u/Verrinium has shared a detailed map of their Jueyun Chili hunting trails. The paths in the image can be found at Qingce Village, just north of Jueyun Karst, and west of Dawn Winery. These three trails promise players roughly 75 Jueyun Chilis in total, so just one sweep of the three will leave players with a reliable stock.

Jueyun Chilis can be used as a cooking ingredient, but more importantly, they share a special relationship with the popular character Xiangling. The Pyro polearm-wielder and celebrity chef is one of the more popular free-to-play characters available in Genshin Impact, and she\’s from Liyue. Xiangling always seems to be in need of Jueyun Chilis, and even after players collect them for her questline, the chef will continue to demand them.

Every Genshin Impact character requires a certain local specialty to Ascend, an act that extends their upper level limit. Generally speaking, these specialties will relate to the character in question, for example Razor is Ascended with Wolfhook from Wolvendom. Jueyun Chilis are the local speciality used to upgrade Xiangling, and players will need 168 Jueyun Chilis to fully Ascend her. Between the large number needed for her initial quests, and the heap required for Ascension, players will become more than well-acquainted with the best Chili hunting grounds. That said, doubling up on tasks is always encouraged.

Plenty of other Genshin Impact commissions and secrets call for a journey to and through Liyue, so if players find themselves bored on the hunt for peppers, perhaps they could also search through ancient Teyvat ruins or locate new teleport waypoints.

Genshin Impact is available now on the App Store, Google Play, and PS4.