Gacha games have become a wild craze for fans who love the thrill of gambling without the actual pressure of gambling. Gacha games are a form of video and mobile games that have players spend either in-game currency or real-life money in order to buy new characters or items to build teams. Some of these games carry the whole \”pay to win\” that some video games seem to get themselves wrapped into, while others are simple and fun games to play.With Genshin Impact\’s rising popularity, it is important to note some of the other notable Gacha games that have made a huge impact on the community, and others that have been less than successful.

10 Blew Up: Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact has easily become the most popular Gacha game and is currently one of the most viral games in general. It is rapidly growing in popularity, gaining new players with each new update.

One of the best aspects of this game is the fact that players actually can manage to only spend in-game currency to collect new characters, and no actual money is needed. Of course, players who roll the characters more frequently may have a higher chance to pick up five stars, but the rolling aspect of this game isn\’t the main feature. The game is simply fun and walking around the vast world is incredibly enjoyable.

9 Failed: Saint Seiyan Cosmo Fantasy

Saint Seiya is a hit anime series that has a number of remakes and spinoffs since its original. However, it has been said a few times that the Gacha game for the anime is less than good.

Fans have reported that Saint Seiya Cosmo Fantasy had a ton of bugs, crashing a number of times when first released, and was extremely choppy in its gameplay. Many of the reviews of the game also range between one and three stars.

8 Blew Up: Arknights

Arknights is half Gacha game/half strategy RPG. It is incredibly fun and has excellent reviews from pretty much all fans that play it. Many of the reviews claim that this game is so much more than just another Gacha game and actually requires some thinking in its amazing gameplay.

It is said that the gameplay is a bit slower than most others but the strategy element makes it incredibly interesting for gamers who enjoy that style of game. It also has hundreds of characters to pull that all look super cool, making the game incredibly enjoyable.

7 Failed: Marvel Strike Force

Fans wanted so much more from MARVEL Strike Force but were pretty disappointed with the results. Fans have said that this game is pretty amazing in every facet, the gameplay is smooth, the visuals are amazing, and the characters are super fun.

But even though all of these aspects are good, the money-grabbing aspect is not. The game\’s customer care and monetization were too extreme for the players to enjoy and found that when linked to Marvel Future Fight, found this one dramatically lacking comparison.

6 Blew Up: Fate/Grand Order

There are so many fans of the Fate series and this Gacha game is no expectation. Fate/Grand Order may be one of the biggest anime Gacha games in the world, as fans of the series (and even those who aren\’t) continue to roll in order to get all of the characters they want to have in their arsenal.

It has incredibly high ratings and actually has an extremely engaging storyline that manages to keep players hooked to the game.

5 Failed: Girls X Battle

While this game series is pretty impressive and expansive at this point, many fans kind of feel like the series just keeps pushing out content that isn\’t all that great.

Apparently, there are a wide number of Girls X Battle installments that make many people feel like the studio is milking the IP already. There is also so much new content all the time, that many players feel like they can\’t keep up with it all.

4 Blew Up: Fire Emblem Heroes

Fire Emblem Heroes is an incredibly fun Gacha game whether players are fans of the Fire Emblem series or not. Each of the characters is so uniquely designed that it makes rolling and pulling different heroes extremely fun.

This game is perfect for mobile Gacha gaming as players get to roll characters and build small teams to combat against enemies. As they do this, characters get to progress in the story and level up the characters they have pulled. It is also fun to roll from the characters in the games that many fans of the series love.

3 Failed: Star Wars: Galaxy Of Heroes

Though Star Wars probably has one of if not the biggest fanbase in the world, Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes was, unfortunately, one of the less successful of the Gacha games.

This game was meant to pull fans of the franchise in with the alluring idea of collecting their favorite characters. The game has some pretty funky issues with how it runs as well, as it crashes pretty often and has some issues when loading.

2 Blew Up: Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle

Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle is another incredibly popular anime Gacha game, and may even be the highest contender under Genshin Impact itself.

Dragon Ball is definitely one of the biggest anime in the world and has a ginormous fan base. It makes sense that fans of the series would want nothing more than to collect their favorite characters to pit against others as they progress through a fantastic story.

1 Failed?: AFK Arena

AFK Arena doesn\’t necessarily deserve to be considered a failure as it had one of the great Gacha game releases of all time and has a decent size community. However, though the characters and art look amazing, a large majority of the reviews claimed that players simply found the game boring and repetitive.

It seems like the game was greatly anticipated and that many Gacha game players were incredibly excited for its release. The hype stayed pretty high for the first couple of weeks after the initial drop but soon deteriorated immensely. This game wasn\’t necessarily a failure, but considering how many players were over it within a few hours of playing, it seems like something about it just didn\’t hit the mark.