Version 1.1 of Genshin Impact added several new playable characters to the roster, allowing players to Wish for characters like Childe, Diona, and Ningguang. Many fans are still waiting for additional new characters like Zhongli and Albedo, who have already been confirmed for future updates.

Travelers currently have a large spread of playable characters to choose from in Genshin Impact, many of whom are available free of charge. Regardless of cost, all the game\’s characters feature a collection of voice lines and thoughtful flavor text, much of which hints at further content. For example, Sucrose mentions of her alchemical mentor, Albedo.

Albedo, or the Kreideprinz, is the Knights of Favonius\’ Chief Alchemist and Captain of its Investigation Team. His assistant, Anemo mage Sucrose, often references him in her dialogue, meanwhile characters Kaeya and Lisa confirm the Geo-user is an attractive young man. As per recent Genshin Impact leaks, Albedo is expected to join the ranks of other playable characters in the game, bringing in a new set of sword-based Geo abilities.

The incoming Geo Vision wielder has been confirmed to be a Genshin Impact swordsman like Bennett. While his standard attacks and skills have been known for some time now, few players have had the opportunity to witness this character in action until leaker NEP NEP shared a video of Albedo\’s Elemental Skill in use, with the title \”Update 1.2 Albedo\’s elemental skill.\”

The title is worth highlighting because it implies Albedo will be added to the game as part of the leaked Version 1.2 update, something which is not officially confirmed. If NEP NEP\’s information is legitimate, players have a more precise idea of when to expect Albedo. The Elemental Skill is apparently called \”Abiogenesis – Solar Radiance,\” and possesses the ability to not only deal Area of Effect Geo DMG, but also create petal-shaped elevators for the player.

This unique ability presents players with an entirely new form of Genshin Impact travel, though it may be further adjusted before its release. As per the leaked video, it seems Abiogenesis will create an elevator once the player steps onto its focal point, while dealing Geo DMG to enemies around it.