Genshin Impact: All Arataki Itto Character Leaks Explained

Genshin Impact is known for introducing creative and unique characters in the game. Upon being revealed on miHoYo\’s social media platforms, Arataki Itto became an instant fan-favorite for many players. Being such a popular character, many leaks of Genshin Impact\’s Version 2.3 Beta were prevalent online. Fans can find leaked gameplay footage of Itto\’s attacks, which includes his Normal, Elemental Skill, and Elemental Burst Talents. As one of the newest characters coming to the game, here are the known details about Arataki Itto.

Despite Arataki Itto not appearing in the game, players may have come across his name being mentioned while exploring Inazuma. Arataki had his Vision taken away during the Vision Hunt Decree of Inazuma. The Electro Archon known as the Raiden Shogun issued this law in an effort to maintain eternity within the country. The Kujou clan, which is part of Inazuma\’s Three Commissions in Genshin Impact was responsible for enforcing the Vision Hunt.

Arataki Itto eventually fought against Kujou Sara who was the main general that carried out the Raiden Shogun\’s orders. His Vision was later confiscated after his defeat, and ever since then Itto constantly sought a rematch against Kujou Sara. It\’s also been hinted that Itto did not lose his ambition after losing his Vision, unlike many other victims. Players can read his message of challenge against Kujou Sara on Inazuma\’s Bulletin Board. Gamers can also learn more about Arataki Itto through Yoimiya, Kujou Sara, and Sayu\’s character voice lines during the recent update.

Genshin Impact: Known Facts About Arataki Itto

Arataki Itto has been described as competitive and overbearing by residents of Inazuma. Koujou Sara expresses her annoyance with his constant talk for a rematch and according to Yoimiya in Genshin Impact, Itto often challenges her to friendly competitions. He\’s also been depicted as a loud individual that causes frequent rackets when around Sayu. Despite having an overwhelming personality and being the leader of a gang, many characters in Inazuma see him as a kind individual.

Genshin Impact incorporates different cultures, myths, and legends into the world. Inazuma represents ancient Japan where mythical creatures such as tengus, talking cats, fox spirits, and onis are included within the game\’s lore. Arataki Itto is part-oni, or a Japanese demon. The most distinguishable appearance of an Oni is the two large horns. There is currently no information about Itto\’s demonic lineage, but he may have some connection to the famous martial artist, Arataki of the Front Gate.

Genshin Impact: Arataki Itto\’s Leaked Talents

Arataki Itto is a Geo Vision user in Genshin Impact. He uses a claymore as a weapon and is an offensive DPS character. According to several alleged leaks, Itto\’s Normal Attack called Fight Club Legend is very unique because the ability will have a stacking effect. His Talent will perform four attacks and on the fourth strike, Itto will receive two Superlative Superstrenth stacks. These stacks are consumed when using his Charged Attack, which will replace his stamina consumption. Once all stacks are used, Arataki Itto will perform a final devastating move.

Arataki Itto\’s Elemental Skill appears to be known as Masatsu Zetsugi: Akaushi Burst and has him throwing a small akaushi bull known as Ushi. The attack will deal Geo damage to enemies while granting Itto a Superlative Superstrenth stack. The Talent is similar to Amber\’s abilities in Genshin Impact. The bull will taunt nearby enemies causing a distraction in battle. Ushi\’s HP will also scale with Itto\’s overall health and will grant more Superlative Superstrenth stacks when taking damage. Ushi is also identified as a Geo construct, which will work well with Zhongli\’s Geo pillars.

Royal Descent: Behold Itto the Evil is Arataki\’s Elemental Burst Talent. Itto enters a temporary state where he switches his claymore weapon to his Kanabo, which is a two-handed spiked war club used in Japan. In this state, his Normal, Charged, and Plunging attacks will deal Geo damage. This is similar to the Adeptus Xiao in Genshin Impact where he too enters a different state and deals elemental damage for all attacks. Unlike Xiao, Arataki Itto\’s Elemental Burst grants him an increased ATK based on his DEF stats. The skill will also increase the Superlative Superstrenth stacks from attacks.

Genshin Impact: Arataki Itto\’s Passive Talents and Constellations

Arataki Itto\’s Passive Talents supports his DPS playstyle by enhancing his Normal and Charged Attack performance. Arataki Ichiban increases his slash speed when using his Charged Attack and greatly reduces his interruption from enemy assaults. Itto\’s Bloodline of the Crimson Oni is a passive ability that increases his Charged Attacks based on his DEF stats. Warrior\’s Burden on the other hand allows Itto to continue his Normal combos without restarting when using his Elemental Skill. His world passive ability will grant a 25% chance of obtaining more wood from trees.

When Arataki Itto becomes available in Genshin Impact, players will have the opportunity to increase his Constellation levels. His first Constellation, known as Stay a While and Listen Up, increases his Superlative Superstrenth stacks when using his Elemental Burst skill. Arataki Itto\’s second Constellation level decreases his Burst skill cooldown and restores energy based on the number of Geo allies in the player\’s party. As with all characters, the third and fifth Constellations increases Elemental Skill and Elemental Burst levels by three. Jailhouse Bread and Butter is Itto\’s fourth Constellation, which increases his CRIT rate against enemies with equal or less HP than him. This can prompt players to focus on a more health-oriented build.

For gamers who are really financially invested in the Gacha Banners, Arataki Itto\’s max Constellation increases his CRIT damage on Charged Attacks while offering a 50% chance of not consuming Superlative Superstrenth stacks. This will not only increase damage on dealing critical hits but will also extend his devastating combos. Arataki Itto should be released during Genshin Impact\’s Version 2.3 update, but there hasn\’t been any official confirmation from miHoYo. Rumors online suggest Itto will be available with Gorou on Banners during the second half of the 2.3 patch. There\’s a possibility that Albedo will be the first promotional character, but until more information is revealed, players should keep expectations in check when dealing with rumors and leaks.

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