Genshin Impact: All Playable Bow Characters, Ranked

Split image of Aloy firing an arrow & Kujou Sara aiming her bow in Genshin Impact.

Experienced Genshin Impact players are very aware of the need to have at least one strong character from every elemental grouping and every weapon class. However, with over 42 playable Genshin Impact warriors to sort through, players may struggle to identify the best fighters from every grouping.

One of the most essential characters for every player to own is a select group of strong bow-wielding combatants, who vary substantially in power and utility. While some bow-wielding fighters like Venti or Aloy are indispensable, others simply aren\’t worth wasting ascension materials.

9 Amber

Fortunately for new Genshin Impact players, Amber is a free bow-wielding character available incredibly early on in the game. Unfortunately, Amber is widely regarded as one of the weakest fighters in the game. Due to Amber\’s combination of Pyro elemental abilities and ranged attacks, players may find themselves occasionally utilizing this Outrider to solve Pyro puzzles throughout their adventures.

In addition, Amber is virtually useless in combat unless players are willing to dedicate all of their resources to her. While she is a perfectly fine introduction to both bows and Genshin Impact\’s Pyro element, players should be looking to upgrade to a stronger archer immediately after using her for a few hours.

8 Diona

Diona is a fairly unique Genshin Impact character. While players who find themselves missing a strong shield warrior, a strong Cryo character, and a strong bow-wielding fighter may find that Diona is just the woman they need to fill in these gaps.

However, there are a number of playable Genshin Impact characters who provide stronger shields, greater Cryo damage, and more useful ranged attacks. While players forced to choose between Diona and Amber should indisputably choose Diona, there are a number of fighters that can outclass this cute bartender.

7 Kujou Sara

Genshin Impact players looking to utilize their main bow-wielder as a sub-DPS character may enjoy using Kujou Sara. Kujou Sara\’s basic usage is much more focused than Diona\’s. While Diona operates as a mediocre shield, healer, and stat-booster, Kujou Sara focuses on efficiently boosting Attack stats and energy regeneration for the rest of her team.

Unfortunately, Kujou Sara\’s basic stats left Genshin Impact players a bit underwhelmed upon her release. Beyond this, Genshin Impact already offers a stronger bow-wielding Electro sub-DPS character: Fischl. While Kujou Sara and Fischl are incredibly similar, Fischl is just a bit easier to strengthen than Kujou Sara.

6 Fischl

Simply speaking, Fischl is just an easier-to-use version of Kujou Sara. Fischl is a bow-wielding Electro character from Mondstadt well-suited to acting as a sub-DPS character. While Fischl and Kujou Sara are nearly interchangeable, Fischl sacrifices a small percentage of her base HP and Defense stats to offer players a significantly higher base Attack stat than they can expect from Kujou Sara. While both Fischl and Kujou Sara are best used as sub-DPS characters, Fischl\’s stats and abilities create opportunities for her to be a feasible main DPS character for players with limited options.

5 Yoimiya

Yoimiya is a fairly middle-of-the-road Genshin Impact fighter, especially considering the fact that she was introduced as a 5-star character. Compared to some of the other best Genshin Impact characters, Yoimiya just barely surpasses 4-star characters like Fischl. Yoimiya offers players a few tempting perks, such as a low-cost Elemental Burst that buffs Attack stats for the entire party. However, Yoimiya is most effectively used as a main DPS rather than a sub-DPS or Support character.

Unfortunately, there are a number of main DPS characters that make Yoimiya\’s attacks look virtually harmless. Therefore, Yoimiya can be a lifesaver for players with a shortage of damage-dealers, but should not be a player\’s highest priority bow-wielder.

4 Aloy

Aloy is an incredibly interesting playable character in Genshin Impact. Before even considering any of Aloy\’s stats or abilities, Aloy is Genshin Impact\’s first crossover fighter as well as a free 5-star fighter. Aloy is originally from Horizon Zero Dawn and many players are unsure as to how exactly she fits into Genshin Impact. 

While Aloy does not have the ability to achieve upgrades through Genshin Impact\’s Constellation system, most players know that Constellations for 5-star characters are incredibly difficult (and expensive) to acquire in the first place. Much like Yoimiya, Aloy\’s primary flaw is the fact that she is a DPS character surrounded by stronger DPS counterparts. Ultimately, however, Aloy is both free and a stronger DPS than Yoimiya.

3 Tartaglia (aka Childe)

Tartaglia is potentially one of the most unique bow-wielding warriors in Genshin Impact. Unlike other similarly powered characters, Tartaglia offers Genshin Impact players the choice of playing in his standard Ranged Stance or switching into his Melee Stance through the use of his Elemental Skill.

Interestingly enough, Tartaglia\’s Elemental Burst will even materialize differently depending on which stance he\’s in upon using this ability. While players can be brutally punished by long skill cooldowns if they use Tartaglia inefficiently, this bow-wielding character is incredibly strong and his damage continues to stack when facing multiple enemies thanks to Riptide.

2 Ganyu

One of the strongest things about Ganyu is simply the way that her abilities interact with one another. While most playable Genshin Impact characters offer unique and exciting elemental abilities, Ganyu\’s Elemental Skill, Elemental Burst, Charged Attack, and even Passive Talent work together in perfect harmony to make Ganyu one of the most viable bow-wielding DPS fighters available to players. If players manage to effectively arrange their order of attacks while playing as Ganyu, multiple enemies can be taken down by Ganyu\’s massive Cryo AoE attacks and stacked Cryo damage, all without drawing much attention to Ganyu at all.

1 Venti

It should come as no surprise that Venti is the strongest bow-wielding character in Genshin Impact seeing as he is literally the mortal vessel for the Anemo Archon, Barbatos. While there are a number of strong playable combatants in Genshin Impact, it will always be difficult to compete against a god. Venti\’s stats alone are impressive, but this bow-wielding bard also offers elemental abilities that create nearly endless elemental reactions while pulling enemies into one place.

Venti\’s Elemental Burst is particularly useful for organizing enemies for his allies to take them down, but Venti\’s Elemental Skill can still be used to reign in enemies as well. Venti\’s Elemental Skill can also be used to lift players out of reach of smaller enemies or to explore high, hard-to-reach places. Simply put, Venti is difficult to beat and the best bow-and-arrow fighter in the entire game.

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