Finally, the long-awaited Unreconciled Stars event is live in Genshin Impact, allowing players to win rare prizes, such as Character Ascension Shards, and leveling up materials. This brand-new event is also a rare opportunity to win the four-star Electro Vision wielder Fischl who is noted for being as powerful in combat as some rare five-star characters.

While Genshin Impact only requires the player to find up to a certain number of Meteorite Shards to complete the first portion of the Unreconciled Stars event, there are quite a lot more to find. Here are all of the marked locations for Meteorite Shards for the Unknown Star quest.

After navigating to the event tab for Unreconciled Stars, Unknown Star is the first of three segments in the event; the other two portions will become available over the next two weeks, until Unreconciled Stars expires in early December. Unknown Star will list three different tasks: Where Stars Fall, Guyun Starcatcher, and Meteors Over Qingce. Each of these tasks signifies a small area in Teyvat where Meteorite Shards can be found. Here, the player only needs to find 7 in each region to complete each task, but there are actually a lot more to be found.

Currently, each small area has at least 20 Meteorite Shards that can be found. Guyun Stone Forest (Guyun Starcatcher) and Qingce Village (Meteors Over Qingce) each have 20 Shards hiding within them, while Starfell Valley has 22 Shards. An easy way of finding the exact location of each is to equip a character with a glowing Vision on them, such as Noelle, Jean, Klee, Razor, Mona, or Keqing. The Vision will glow when a Meteorite is close, but the Shard locations have been marked on the above and below maps.

There was a bug that caused players to need to find every single Meteorite Shard in an area (denoted by a glowing blue outline) before teleporting away or dying. Doing so before collecting the task reward would result in the player losing progress and/or all other uncollected Meteorites in the area disappearing. However, this bug has since been resolved, so players are now able to teleport in and out of areas and collect the Shards at their leisure.