Genshin Impact has finally had its first major update. With it came some new achievements and new enemies, and players can earn rewards for finishing some of the new content in Genshin\’s update 1.1. One of these achievements is the …Well That Was Strange Achievement, featuring a strange new creature called the Unusual Hilichurl.

It Certainly Is Strange

Since update 1.1 became live, Genshin Impact players have been seeing some very weird-looking hilichurls around. They appear mostly at night, and seem to have an in-game timer that is connected to location. Defeating them will not only complete the achievement, but will also earn the player some free Primogems (or just some cabbage).

These hilichurls are carrying around suitcases and are non-aggressive. They will not attack unless a player damages them first, and their name doesn\’t show up in Elemental Vision. Once attacked, these weird critters are labeled as \”Unusual Hilichurl\” with the subtitle \”Menace of the Mansion.\” Oddly enough, they throw weaponized Primogems at players. Although it doesn\’t look like players can catch the Primogems and put them into their inventories, it does look like killing a few of these strange goblins will earn an achievement and possibly some of the premium currency that players need to participate in the new Childe/Tartaglia\’s Banner.

Getting the Achievement

Killing one of these Unusual Hilichurls in Genshin Impact will reward players with the completed achievement …Well That Was Strange, giving them 5 Primogems for their efforts. Continuing to kill the goblins levels up this achievement, giving players another 10 Primogems and then 20 Primogems, but how many unusual hilichurls players have to kill to get those are unknown.

While five Primogems is nothing compared to the 600 free Primogems that miHoYo gave away to all players that are Adventure Rank 5 or higher yesterday, every little bit helps when trying to wish for a favorite 5-star character or weapon.

Location 3 – Tianqiu Valley – 11:30AM

Location 4 – Windrise – Statue of the Seven – Time Unknown

Location 5 – Cape Oath – Near waypoint – Time Unknown

Location 6 – Stormterror\’s Lair – Waypoint – 1PM or close to it

Location 7 – Lingju Pass – Waypoint – Time Unknown

Location 8 – Liyue Harbour – North East Waypoint – 3PM

Location 9 – Wolvendom arena – close to the entrance – Time Unknown

Location 10 – Anemo Hypostasis – Left shrine – Time Unknown

Location 11 – Southwest of Stormterror\’s Lair – rock platform with the Eye of the Storm – Time Unknown

Location 12 – Mingyun Village- just south of the village – 3PM or 11:30AM

Finding these Unusual Hilichurls can be extremely time consuming and difficult. Players may just want to go about their business in Genshin Impact, completing bounties and quests, and just keep an eye out for these strange creatures while wandering the map.

Genshin Impact is available for mobile, PC, and PS4.