An upcoming Genshin Impact event is set to introduce players to a new traveling merchant, as well as several new Battle Pass missions. The event hasn’t yet begun, but players will have a chance to earn daily goodies once it does.

Genshin Impact has barely been out for a month, so fans of the MMORPG have yet to experience many in-game promos. That said, miHoYo has now announced the “Marvelous Merchandise” event set to take place from October 26 until November 2, 2020.

The upcoming Marvelous Merchandise event will have associated missions as part of Travelers’ Battle Passes, though players will more notably have a chance to meet Liben, a new traveling merchant. Every day, players can track down Liben using hints, and then give him materials found throughout Teyvat in exchange for a Box o’ Marvels to open.

Liben will change locations daily, so Genshin Impact players will need to move fast. He\’ll offer only one Box o’ Marvels per day, and while players can stack boxes to open them all at once, the presents will expire upon the conclusion of the event. Players will be unable to open a Box o’ Marvel after November 2.

The contents of these boxes have yet to be announced, and players don’t even have an idea of what Liben might look like. But that said, October 26 is only few days away, so Travelers will be able to meet the allegedly marvelous seasonal merchant in no time. If they are lucky, he might gift players valuable Ascension materials, or Primogems that can be used to Wish on new characters like Klee.

Genshin Impact is available now on the App Store, Google Play, and PS4.