There are many weapons for players to find in Genshin Impact for their party members as they adventure through quests and make wish rolls. While it is commonly agreed that the 5-Star weapons are among the best, there are still plenty of powerful 4-Star weapons for players to use.

Some of these weapons in Genshin Impact can be obtained via wishes, quests, or even just moving forward in the Battle Pass. Many of them even include special abilities that are capable of turning the tide of battle if equipped to the right character.

Of course, as Genshin Impact gets updated over time, different weapons have the potential to become better than others. However, as of October 2020, these are the best 4-Star weapons for players to have.

Best 4-Star Swords

There are plenty of popular sword users in Genshin Impact. This includes the player\’s Traveler character and the highly beloved Qiqi alongside characters such as Jean.

Out of the swords players can find, the two best are:

  • The Black Sword – Obtained via Battle Pass
  • Sacrificial Sword – Obtained via Wishes

The Black Sword will increase the damage of both normal and charged attacks. It additionally will restore part of the damage dealt to the equipped character as HP. Meanwhile, the Sacrificial Sword comes with the special ability to high remove the CD of Elemental Skills in battle.

Best 4-Star Bow

There is one 4-Star Bow that is considered to be the best out of all of them. It is so popular that it is often ranked alongside 5-Star bows in weapon tier lists. This bow would be the Viridescent Hunt.

To obtain the Viridescent Hunt, players will need to participate in Genshin Impact\’s Battle Pass and choose it when unlocking the tier that lets them choose a weapon out of other powerful weapons. This bow however is the best out of all of them and is highly recommended even if players aren\’t currently using a bow character.

The Viridescent Hunt has the ability to summon a cyclone that can gather and damage enemies, allowing for easy shooting and fast damage overall.

  • Serpent Spine – Obtained via Battle Pass
  • Blackcliff Slasher – Obtained via Wishes

The Serpent Spine has the bonus effects of increasing the damage output of the equipped character. However, the longer that character stays out on the field in battle, the greater the damage will be. The Blackcliff Slasher meanwhile will boost the character\’s attack every time the character defeats an enemy during a battle. This attack boost can stack up to three times.

Best 4-Star Polearms

Out of all the 4-Star polearms, there are two that the community believes to be the best at this time. These would be:

  • Deathmatch – Obtained via Battle Pass
  • Blackcliff Pole – Obtained via Wishes

The Deathmatch has a special ability where the equipped character\’s attack and defense will be greatly boosted depending on the number of enemies in the field. Meanwhile, the Blackcliff Pole will give the equipped character an attack buff every time they defeat an enemy with the buffs being able to be stacked.

Genshin Impact is available now on Mobile, PC, and PS4, and is in development for Switch.