It is said that the best defense is a good offense, and for Genshin Impact, that is certainly true. Players who wish to take on the more challenging aspects of the game, such as the Spiral Abyss, need to have ways to damage enemies, meaning they will want to raise their attack damage.

Attack damage is represented by the abbreviation ATK. There are several ways to increase ATK. Some are immediately obvious such as getting better weapons and leveling up characters, but one that is sometimes overlooked is using artifact sets to increase attack damage.

Best Artifact Sets for Attack Damage in Genshin Impact

Artifacts are found as players explore the world. They come from defeating enemies, completing quests, and opening chests. They are currently absent from pulling Wishes, the game’s gacha mechanic. Furthermore, artifacts have randomized stats, so it can be difficult to get exactly as desired. For players wishing to increase attack damage, they will want to look for artifacts that increase ATK by a number or by a percentage. Some experimentation may be needed to figure out which leads to a higher ATK score.

The other important thing to look for in artifacts are their set bonuses. Most artifacts have bonuses for equipping two and four pieces of a certain set. Each character can have a total of five artifacts equipped, with one of each icon type.

The following two artifact sets have a max rarity of five stars, meaning they have better base stats.

  • Bloodstained Chivalry – 2-piece bonus is +25% to Physical DMG. 4-piece bonus is an increase to Charged Attack DMG by 50%, and reduces stamina cost to 0 for 10 seconds after defeating an enemy. Players can use charged attacks without consuming stamina.
  • Gladiator’s Finale – 2-piece bonus increases ATK by 18%. 4-piece bonus increases Normal Attack DMG by 35% for characters wielding swords, claymores, or polearms. This is a nice set for any of those character types. Bow and catalyst users will just have to find another artifact set. In fact, there is one called Wander’s Troupe, but it increases Elemental Mastery which is why it does not make this list.

These sets have a max rarity of four stars but still work well to increase attack damage.

  • Brave Heart – 2-piece bonus increases ATK by 18%. 4-piece bonus increases DMG by 30% against enemies with more than 50% HP. Straightforward, but it gets the job done. Sadly, blue face paint is not included.
  • Martial Artist – 2-piece bonus Increases Normal Attack and Charged Attack DMG by 15%. 4-piece bonus increases Normal Attack and Charged Attack DMG by 25% for 8 seconds after using an elemental skill. Basically, the way this works is to begin a fight with an elemental attack, and then follow up with normal and charged attacks to maximize damage.
  • Resolution of Sojourner – 2-piece bonus increases ATK by 18%. 4-piece bonus increases Charged Attack CRIT rate by 30%. This works well for CRIT builds.

There are other great sets which can increase attack damage as well, but these generally give players the greatest increases in the ATK stat, where some of the others increase other stats like Elemental Burst DMG and so do not fall under the category of “best artifact sets to increase attack damage.”