Artifacts in Genshin Impact offer an interesting sort of character buff system. On top of the direct stat boosts given by each individual artifact, players can benefit from bonuses that trigger when themed sets are equipped on the same character.

Those who already have some familiarity with Teyvat\’s customs know that Genshin Impact characters need several different materials to succeed. In addition to weapons and level up materials, players will need to equip their characters with powerful Artifacts, which can be upgraded themselves.

Every Artifact set is comprised of five distinct pieces: a Flower of Life, a Plume of Death, a Sands of Eon, a Goblet of Eonothem, and a Circlet of Logos. While each set\’s appearance may vary in detail, these five relics always take the form of a flower/brooch, feather, hourglass/timepiece, goblet, and helmet/headwear, respectively. Each individual Artifact offers a \”main\” stat boost, with additional bonuses becoming available as the player enhances the Artifact. The main stat boost can vary depending on the kind of Artifact in question, but otherwise, higher star-level Artifacts usually possess higher stats and stat boost potential.

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Direct perks aside, players also have the benefit of Artifact set bonuses. When equipped in sets of 2 or 4, Artifacts from the same set will grant additional passive bonuses. While the main stat boosts offered by Artifacts will vary from copy to copy, the Artifact set bonuses remain the same within each set. That is, a player can find two copies of the same ATK-boosting Flower, but each one will probably offer a different level of ATK boost; on the other hand, every single Artifact from the Berserker set will always activate the same exact Artifact set bonus, when equipped with other Berserker Artifacts.

Best Artifacts

Set Title (Set Bonus)

  • Berserker (+CRIT Rate, especially for high HP characters)
  • Martial Artist (+Normal and Charged ATK Damage)

These two Artifact sets are great for general ATK-boosts. Genshin Impact characters who rely on physical damage and Normal/Charged Attacks would easily benefit from these sets. Martial Artist pieces are a relatively common drop, and the Berserker set is awarded by early story missions and lower level bosses like Mitachurls and Ruin Guards.

  • Gladiator\’s Finale (+ATK, especially great for Sword/Claymore/Polearm users)
  • Viridescent Venerer (+Anemo/Swirl DMG, debuff enemy Elemental RES)
  • Crimson Witch of Flames (+Pyro DMG, +Overload/Burning/Vaporize/Melt DMG, multiplies Set Bonus effects)

These last three Artifacts are some of the most indispensable Support Artifact sets available in Genshin Impact. If players plan on having healers like the bubbly Barbara on their teams, Maiden Beloved is an absolute gamechanger. It may feel like Barbara and supportive characters like Qiqi put out enough healing already, but players taking on the Spiral Abyss know all too well that there\’s never enough HP to go around. Maiden will not only make healer\’s heal harder, it will also make teammates more receptive to healing.

Instructor and Noblesse Oblige, on the other hand, are rather straightforward sets that buff Elemental Mastery and Elemental Burst DMG, respectively. That said, when equipped in a set of 4, both of these sets grant party bonuses, which are rare to encounter in Genshin Impact. While Instructor simply extends its Elemental Mastery bonus to party members, Noblesse Oblige actually buffs the party\’s ATK power when its user activates an Elemental Burst, which makes it especially useful for combos involving both mages and physical fighters.

Thankfully, Artifacts are not one of the rare items players have to Wish for in Genshin Impact. For the most part, they can be taken from in-game treasure chests, received as rewards from quests, or obtained upon clearing special dungeons. And for those who are wondering, the strongest of Artifacts will be found in Domains of Blessing.

Genshin Impact is available now on the App Store, Google Play, and PS4.