As players go through the story of Genshin Impact, more and more of the game\’s features will become available to them. One of these features is the Battle Pass, which is unlocked after players reach Adventure Rank 20.

Players can level up their Battle Pass level in Genshin Impact by completing a variety of Battle Pass Quests, with many of them being available daily and others available weekly. Each time the player\’s Battle Pass level is raised, they will receive a reward varying from materials to other valuable items.

There is another tier for the Battle Pass that players can purchase for $10 USD. This is known as the Gnostic Hymn and will give players even more valuable rewards for leveling up on top of the base rewards. When players reach level 30 of this Battle Pass, they will be able to choose one weapon offered to them to keep. However, players can only choose one.

When reaching this point, players will have five choices for their new weapon. They are:

  • The Black Sword – Sword
  • Serpent Spine – Claymore
  • Solar Pearl – Catalyst
  • The Viridescent Hunt – Bow
  • Deathmatch – Polearm

All of these weapons are valuable in their own rights with them all having uses in a player\’s party. However, if players don\’t already have a five-star bow for an archer character such as Venti or Fischl, the Viridescent Hunt is the best option to choose from the Genshin Impact Battle Pass.

The Viridescent Hunt has a base attack of 42 and critical hit rate of 6%. It has the passive ability where after it hits an enemy there will be a 50% chance that the arrow will generate a cyclone. This cyclone will suck in surrounding enemies and deal 40% of the character\’s attack as damage to all enemies stuck in the cyclone every half second for four seconds. This effect however can only happen only every 14 seconds.

Bow characters are overall very valuable in players\’ parties. Even if players don\’t have an archer character in Genshin Impact outside of Amber yet, it might be worth it to hold on to this weapon while they wait to obtain Venti from Wishes or another bow user.

If players really have no plans on using an archer in their parties, the other weapons are valuable in their own rights and have passive abilities to help turn even the hardest battles around. Players still need to keep in mind however that they can only take one.

Genshin Impact is available now on Mobile, PC, and PS4, and later on Switch.