Players starting out in Genshin Impact may become easily overwhelmed with the game\’s myriad items, menus, and interfaces. Even with reference points like Breath of the Wild, it can be difficult to keep track of all the different features the game has to offer, and when every enemy defeated drops sweet loot, it becomes easier than ever to lose track of all the weapons collected along the way.

Although Genshin Impact offers players a fair variety of weapons to choose from, each character is limited to their own particular type of weapon. That is to say, the main character, for example, can only use swords; Razor can only use claymores; and so on and so forth. This makes weapon swapping simpler in that characters probably won\’t share weapons, but it also makes weapon-choice much more difficult – players arming their archers will want to make sure each one has the best bow possible.

Unfortunately, only 3 characters currently make use of bows, and one of them is a relatively weak free story character, so many players are neglecting to use bows altogether. That said, players who\’ve gotten lucky enough to receive Fischl or Venti from Wishes are almost all scrambling to find a bow worthy of their new ranged teammates.

Because incredibly few Genshin Impacts characters currently use bows, ranking them is a bit tricky. It isn\’t to say bows can\’t be compared right now, it\’s just to say that these bow rankings aren\’t really rankings for the \”Best Bow.\” They should be considered rankings for the \”Best Bow for Fischl/Venti\” (and Amber, arguably.)

Bearing that in mind, fans of the game have by and large come to a consensus over the game\’s most powerful weapons at the moment. If asking a Fischl fan, archers will most likely be directed to the bow simply known as \”Rust.\” In short, Rust basically offers players scaling increased damage for rapid-firing, at the cost of a small damage reduction while taking careful aim. For example, at Rank 1, Rust increases rapid-fire/normal attack damage by a whopping 40%, while reducing aimed damage by 10%. Most players agree that the tradeoff is well worth it, considering the fact that Rust eventually grants an 80% attack bonus.

Genshin Impact is available now on the App Store, Google Play, and PS4.