Genshin Impact has been out for several weeks, and players are rushing to collect all of its rare anime-styled characters and weapons. Players who have spent some time making Wishes may have stumbled upon the musical healer, Barbara, and if so they\’ll want to make sure she\’s dressed for success.

Barbara is one of the select spellcasters in Genshin Impact. Other characters can use elemental abilities, but only certain characters like Lisa and Barbara can wield powerful \”catalysts\” as their weapon to deal damage via magic, rather than physically.

One of the key things to keep in mind when choosing equipment for Barbara is the way her healing works. Barbara\’s healing becomes more effective as her HP grows. Her healing ability is disconnected from her Mastery and ATK stats, so players should focus on feeding into Barbara\’s hit points.

Aside from having stellar HP, this Hydro user is one of five characters who use catalysts in Genshin Impact, which means that her normal attacks apply elemental damage as well. Players should be using this to apply Hydro damage and the Wet effect to enemies, while taking advantage of her sonic healing gifts. Barbara\’s special abilities heal not only herself, but her teammates as well, so a general strategy tends to be using Barbara to trigger healing and enemy debuffs, and then switching to a symbiotic teammate who can combo with an Elemental effect.

In light of her HP-reliant abilities, and her potential as a supportive tank, players tend to use the following collection of items to optimize Barbara\’s potential:

  • Weapons: Prototype Malice, Thrilling Tales of Dragon Slayers
  • Artifact sets: Instructor, Maiden Beloved (runner up: Scholar)

The toughest part of finding any of these items will simply be reaching Adventure Ranks (AR) 30. Once there, the above items can be found in the following ways:

  • Prototype Malice – Crafting (1 x Northlander Catalyst Prototype, 50 x White Iron Chunk, 50 x Crystal Chunk)
  • Thrilling Tales of Dragon Slayers – Found in enemy chests
  • Maiden Beloved set – Reward from Valley of Remembrance Abyssal Domain of Blessing, Level II  (Minimum AR: 30, Resin per run: 20)
  • Instructor set – Common drop from enemies, especially at higher World Levels

Genshin Impact is available now on Mobile, PC, and PS4.