Learn how to equip the newest Cryo archer Diona in Genshin Impact properly.

Genshin Impact added new characters and underwent big changes in the 1.1 update. One new character, Diona, is a defensive character who has the ability to heal party members by creating shields that raise their HP.

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However, Diona solely relies on Genshin Impact\’s environmental damage to maximize healing output. And while Diona does have a lot of explosive elemental burst moves to combat this, she requires the proper tools to balance everything out. To utilize Diona to the fullest extent, here is a guide on what is recommended to equip her.


The highest recommended artifact in Genshin Impact to give to Diona is the four-star Maiden Beloved item. This will give Diona a bonus of 15% to her healing effectiveness. The Maiden Beloved will also boost the healing received of all party members by 20% for 10 seconds.

If players can\’t get their hands on the Maiden Beloved, then the Noblesse Oblige is the second-best choice for Diona. The Noblesse Oblige grants an additional 20% bonus elemental burst damage and increase. Using elemental burst attacks also gives party members an additional 20% attack boost for 12 seconds.


In terms of weapons, Diona\’s skills will benefit the most from using the Favonius Warbow. The Favonius Warbow has a base attack of 41 and an energy recharge rate of 13.3%, and also has a 60% chance to create elemental particles that give each character 6 energy every time she lands a critical hit.

The next best option for Diona is the Sacrificial Bow. The Sacrificial Bow has a base attack of 44 with an energy recharge rate of 6.7%. Using the Sacrificial Bow also gives Diona a 40% chance to end the cooldown of elemental skills when damaging enemies.

Party Members

The team members that would be most compatible for Diona are;

  • Chongyun: Can increase Diona\’s incoming healing and help constantly apply Cryo debuff.
  • Mona: Can freeze enemies inflicted with Cryo.
  • Klee: Inflicts melt to deal extra damage to enemies.
  • Diluc: High DPS that can also deal some extra melt damage.
  • Keqing: Diona compliments Keqing\’s Constellation lv. 4 for additional attack damage.

While Diona may suffer from low base health and defense stats, she exceeds in providing support for the other party members and can be a good tool against bosses if necessary. While the new 1.1 update has added plenty of new content for fans to enjoy, there is still plenty players want from Genshin Impact.

Genshin Impact is available on mobile devices, PC, and PS4 with PS5 and Switch versions in development.