For almost a week now, Genshin Impact players have been hard at work attempting to summon the newest 5-star character, Klee, to their roster. The red-clad bomber comes as the featured 5-star character of her own banner, titled Sparkling Steps, where she has a 50% drop rate when a 5-star is pulled. While players that have managed to obtain Klee are likely few and far between, it seems that Genshin Impact players agree she has the potential to be one of the strongest characters in the game.

Players that have seen Klee in action, either through a gameplay trailer or trying her out during her story mission, know how much of a powerhouse she can be. Klee is one of Genshin Impact\’s spellcasters, also known as a catalyst-user. However, rather than just generating splashes of elemental energy like Barbara or Sucrose, Klee takes a more direct approach with her various bombs that she can throw. These bombs can cause massive amounts of damage in a wide radius.

Genshin Impact players that want to get the most out of their Klee on the battlefield will certainly want to lean into her damage capabilities, as she makes for a great DPS. With this in mind, it\’s generally a good idea to put artifacts and weapons on Klee that will play into increasing her ATK, CRIT RATE, or CRIT DMG. While this may seem a bit nebulous for newer players to the game, there are a few artifact sets and weapons that can be easily recommended for Klee to use.

As mentioned earlier, Klee is a catalyst character, meaning she delves into the world of magic. There are quite a few different types of catalysts that players can look into, however, there are some that seem to rise to the top of conversation more often than others. Players looking to build a team around Klee\’s Elemental Damage output will want to equip her with Mappa Mare. Alternatively, players that have managed to acquire the 5-star catalyst Skyward Atlas might consider giving it to Klee to increase her Normal Attack.

In regards to Artifacts, players might struggle slightly if Klee is acquired at an early Adventure Rank level. Typically, Genshin Impact players will recommend that Klee users equip two Artifacts from both the Gladiator\’s Finale set and the Crimson Witch of Flames set. However, the latter of these sets is only available through completing the Hidden Palace of Zhou Formula Domain, which recommends a level 59 party for the entry tier Domain. While this may be a small set back for players that acquire her early on, they may find that Artifacts from the Resolution of Sojurner or Berserker sets may become viable alternatives until such a party level is achieved.

Genshin Impact is available now on PC, PS4, and mobile devices.