Mona is a complex Genshin Impact character that can be built with many different Artifacts or Weapons, but there\’s one key to building her that has nothing to do with in-game obtainable items. Here\’s how players can get the best use out of Mona in their party.

Genshin Impact\’s main draw as an action-adventure RPG is the massive array of characters that can be won through its gacha game, also known as Wishing. This is the only current way to acquire Mona, a Hydro user who wields a catalyst for her weapon of choice. Unlike many other characters, there\’s no one straightforward way to build her because there are a lot of stats that can be focused on in order to do the most damage with her Hydro attacks. Because she isn\’t so much of an independent damage dealer but rather a Hydro Support, it depends on who the player chooses to team her up with in addition to the Artifacts and Weapons equipped to her.

Firstly, the main stats Genshin Impact players are going to want to focus on when building Mona is her Elemental Mastery and Energy Recharge with Hydro Bonus Damage as a secondary. Some players choose to go full Elemental Burst Damage with Mona, such as with the Noblesse Oblige Artifact set so they can make her an independent damage dealer, but this risks her excellent team composition factor. Some players also choose to fully focus on the Elemental Mastery stat or the Energy Recharge stat with Mona, but a combination of the two will work the most efficiently.

Energy Recharge should be seen as a secondary stat for Mona followed behind Elemental Mastery because her basic attack already does Hydro Damage and therefore can still trigger Elemental Reactions. This gives players a few options for weaponry, but Favonius Codex will be their best bet. For F2P players who can\’t acquire it through the gacha game, they may have to settle for the three-star Otherworldly Story, but Mappa Mare, though it focuses on Mastery, can be crafted at the Blacksmith and will also work excellently for Mona.

To be the best Hydro Support mage, players should focus on enhancing the Instructor 4-piece Artifact set, and luckily, it isn\’t an exceptionally rare set to acquire through adventuring. This set will increase Mona\’s Elemental Mastery by 80 and trigger an Elemental Mastery by another 120 for 8 seconds after the use of an Elemental Skill for the entire party. But if players want to stack a bit more damage on to Mona, the Wanderer\’s Troupe set also offers an Elemental Mastery increase by 80 but also gives her an attack buff of 35% for using a catalyst.

If building Mona based on her Elemental Mastery stat, players will want to keep in mind who they team her up with. Electro users such as Lisa (many F2P players go for the \”Mona Lisa\” combo) or Beidou and Cyro users such as Qiqi or Kaeya will be the best options as they can do Elemental Damage to large areas and their ultimate attacks will continuously run after switching characters.

Genshin Impact is out now for mobile devices, PC, and PS4 with a Nintendo Switch version on the way.