Genshin Impact players have recently been enjoying the arrival of the game\’s first significant content update, dubbed Version 1.1. Aside from updated gameplay mechanics and exciting new quests and events, this new patch also introduced long-awaited playable characters like the hotshot Tartaglia, and the queenly Geo-wielder Ningguang.

Although Ningguang had already made appearances in the Genshin Impact story before the 1.1 Update, players barely had a chance to meet her, and they certainly weren\’t able to play as the royal Geo mage. Now that Version 1.1 is available, players can Wish for characters like Ningguang, though unlocking them is only the first step to realizing their full potentials.

Players interested in adding Ningguang to their team should be aware of her main functions. Not to say Ningguang can\’t play other roles on a team, but players are generally either using her as a high-powered Geo Element attacker, or as a Supportive DPS teammate. And since catalysts in Genshin Impact cause all normal attacks to deal Elemental DMG as well, Ningguang is especially indispensable as a Geo attacker.

As such, players should prioritize Geo DMG % stat most of all when looking for suitable Artifacts and Weapons. Aside from that, players should try and simply beef up her Crit Rate % and Crit DMG % as much as possible, with secondary attention given to her ATK % and Elemental Mastery stats. Ningguang isn\’t a free character, so it\’s no surprise that her abilities not only offer incredible damage output, but also allow her to generate protective shields.

Given that Ningguang can generate shields, she is one of few current characters who can truly take advantage of Artifact Sets like Retracing Bolide and Archaic Petra, which offer boosts to shields and Crystallization reactions, respectively. While Retracing Bolide is unfortunately a bit too defensive to benefit from Ningguang\’s raw attack power, Archaic Petra also boosts Geo DMG when equipped as a two-set. That is to say, Archaic Petra is more of a must-have for any Ningguang build. Aside from this, many Ningguang fans recommend equipping her with two pieces of equipment from either the Noblesse Oblige or Gladiator\’s Finale sets. Gladiator\’s Finale is an incredible ATK boosting artifact in Genshin Impact, so many are opting for that, but Noblesse Oblige uniquely boosts Burst DMG (and can boost Party ATK if equipped as a four-piece), so it\’s certainly not to be forgotten.

Now, if players have been finding luck with Genshin Impact Wishes (or spending some money), they\’re welcome to look out for catalysts like the Lost Prayer, Solar Pearl, and Skyward Atlas – any of these pay-to-obtain weapons would be stellar for Ningguang, but as mentioned above, they\’ll be tough to upgrade past their initial stages.

Aside from equipment, players should also consider the order in which they level up Ningguang\’s Talents if they want to maximize her effectiveness. To that end, it\’s recommended that Travelers prioritize Ningguang\’s Elemental Burst (her \”ultimate\” attack) first, then her Normal/Charged Attacks, and finally, her Jade Screen Elemental Skill. It doesn\’t trigger a special Elemental Reaction like Swirl, but Starshatter, her Elemental Burst, deals massive Area of Effect damage while building off of her existing Jade Screens; so maximizing this first makes for a particularly formidable Ningguang.

Genshin Impact is available now on the App Store, Google Play, PC, and PS4, and is currently in development for PS5 and Switch.