Genshin Impact recently added brand-new content to the game with its 1.1 update. Alongside new systems coming into place, the 1.1 update has brought in new characters including Tartaglia, also known as Childe.

In Genshin Impact\’s lore, Tartaglia is from the nation of Snezhnaya, the region of the Cryo element. While the region isn\’t currently available in-game, Tartaglia can be summoned as a playable character in his current wish banner.

With many Genshin Impact players wanting any five-star character they can get, there are some who have gotten lucky and received Tartaglia in their wish pulls. While he is a strong character to have, there are some builds for this character that are better than others.

Tartaglia is a Hydro element user, which is one of the rarer elements to have. This make him especially valuable in situations that involve fire, or those that would benefit from dampening enemies for an electric-based attack from another character. He is also a bow user, like other popular characters such as Venti and Amber.

When selecting a weapon for Tartaglia, there are two that can serve as the best choices depending on personal preferences or availability. These weapons are the Skyward Harp, which is a five-star weapon; and Rust, which is a four-star weapon.

The Skyward Harp can be received via wishes in Genshin Impact\’s gacha system. It increases the user\’s critical hit damage and has the chance to fire a small area of effect attack that deals 100 percent physical attack damage. It can only go off once every four seconds, however.

Rust is also received through wishes in the gacha system. Using it will increase Tartaglia\’s normal attack damage, but will decrease his aimed shot damage.

There are additionally three different artifact sets that players should choose for Tartaglia. They are Gladiator\’s Finale, Noblesse Oblige, and Wanderer\’s Troupe.

Parts of the Gladiator\’s Finale set can be found through Elite Bosses and Weekly Bosses. Players should only use two parts of this set, however, as Tartaglia will only benefit from the two-part bonus that increase his attack by 18 percent.

Parts of the Noblesse Oblige set can be found by clearing the Clear Pool and Mountain Cavern in Liyue. Like the previous set however, Tartaglia will only benefit from the two-part bonus. This will increase his elemental burst damage by 20 percent.

Finally, players can find the parts of Wander\’s Troupe via Elite Bosses: Confront Stormterror, Wolf of North Challenge, and Enter the Golden House. Having two will increase Elemental Mastery by 80, and having four will increase charged attack damage by 35 percent if the character uses a catalyst or bow.

Genshin Impact is available now on Mobile, PC, and PS4, with PS5 and Switch versions in development.