Currently, the main playable character of Genshin Impact, also known as the Traveler, can either wield Anemo or Geo, each with a vastly different way of building them. This guide will explain how to best harness the abilities of both the Geo Traveler and the Anemo Traveler.

At the start of Genshin Impact, the Traveler, or the main character, will start with the Anemo abilities because air is the element of Mondstadt. Likewise, Geo is the element of Liyue, the second of the two currently available regions of Teyvat. The same will likely be true to Dragonspine when it releases with the December update, but what element it will be based around is currently unknown.

When visiting Statues of the Seven, players have to opportunity to switch the Traveler between elements. To do this, players simply need to visit one of the Statues of the region featuring the element they desire and select \”Resonate with [Element].\” In terms of which element is better, Anemo or Geo, the game is seemingly designed so that the two are equally powerful, but it would seem that most players prefer to use the Anemo Traveler as their Elemental abilities prove to be more useful.

Anemo Traveler Build

The Traveler\’s Anemo abilities are extremely useful in combat, especially when triggering the Swirl Reaction. Luckily, Swirl will occur with any element other than Geo, so pairing up the Traveler with other party members is very flexible. For this reason, players will want to focus on using the Traveler as an Anemo Support to deal Anemo Damage and trigger the Swirl Reaction as often as possible.

For Artifacts, the best set is perfect for free-to-play players because it can be obtained from clearing the Valley of Remembrance Domain in Mondstadt. The 2-piece Viridescent Venerer set will give an Anemo Damage Bonus of 15% while the 4-piece set will give the Traveler an increase to Swirl Damage by 60% as well as decrease the opponent\’s resistance to Elemental Damage to the element infused with Swirl by 40% for 10 seconds.

The highest-rated weapon among players for the Anemo Traveler is the Sacrificial Sword because it offers a starting Energy Recharge rate of 13.3% and increases greatly, meaning that players can get Anemo abilities up faster. This is important to combining the Palm Vortex ability with other elements as often as possible to utilize the high Swirl Damage output from the Viridescent Venerer set.

The ideal Artifacts will also ignore the Geo abilities and focus on raw attack buffs. The Gladiator\’s Finale 4-piece set is what players should seek out if playing with the Geo Traveler because it will offer an increased attack rate of 18% and another 35% for wielding a sword. Luckily, the Geo Traveler is a more straightforward build compared to its Anemo counterpart but won\’t prove as useful in terms of team composition.

Genshin Impact is out now for mobile devices, PC, and PS4 with a Nintendo Switch version on the way.