As the most difficult to acquire free-to-play character of Genshin Impact, Xiangling is arguably the best of the small group. Though she may come across as a simple Pyro Support character, maxing out these abilities can result in excellent team composition.

Genshin Impact is an open-world free-to-play title from MiHoYo and therefore uses the gacha system in the form of Wishes. Through Wishes, players can win four-star characters via event banners for a low chance, and rare five-star characters such as Jean and Diluc for an even lower chance. However, this often means that Genshin characters who can only be acquired through Wishes are the best party members to keep around, whether it be as an elemental support or a pure damage dealer. But in Xiangling\’s case, she is best when exploiting her Elemental Mastery abilities while still being free for players.

Xiangling is a Pyro user who wields a polearm, which is likely a unique addition for players choosing to go the pure free-to-play route of Genshin Impact. Xiangling will first appear in a cooking side quest and can be obtained one of two ways: either via Wishes or, after reaching Adventure Rank 20, surpassing Chamber 3, Floor 3 of Spiral Abyss. It\’s not an easy feat, but adding her to the party can certainly be worth it with the right build.

Pyro Support Build

The main way that most Genshin Impact players choose to build Xiangling is by buffing her Pyro Damage and Elemental Mastery in order to support other party members and deal hefty blows with Elemental Reactions. To do this, players will want to focus on deploying Guoba and her Pyronado attack and following up by switching out with another character that can cause major Elemental Reaction damage. For free-to-play characters, the Anemo Traveler with Swirl Damage or Lisa with Overload Damage are great examples to pair her up with.

To get the most out of these reactions, players will want to focus on Elemental Burst Damage, Elemental Mastery stats, and/or Energy Recharge rates. Energy Recharge will ensure that Guoba and Pyronado will cool down faster, while Elemental Mastery will result in higher Reaction Damage such as Swirl or Overload. The ideal weapon for the Xiangling Pyro Support Build is also free to acquire in-game with enough resources by crafting the Prototype Grudge at the Blacksmith. This will increase her Energy Recharge rate exponentially while also dealing high basic attack damage. The Prototype Grudge also offers attack buffs following the use of Elemental abilities, which are essential to playing Xiangling.

Genshin Impact is free-to-play on mobile devices, PC, and PS4 and is coming to Switch at a later date.