With miHoYo\’s free-to-play RPG Genshin Impact entering its third week since launch, players are likely at a point where they are looking to optimally build their characters. And while these Genshin Impact team compositions are certainly based on player preference, it\’s hard to deny how powerful the character Razor is, with many wondering how to best implement him as part of their squad.

Much like Fischl, Razor comes equipped with the Electro vision, thus allowing him to provide various electric-based benefits to his teammates in combat. However, unlike Fischl, Razor wields a mighty claymore, able to slice through many foes in a single swing.

Razor can also fit within a player\’s team in multiple roles as well as either a DPS like Diluc, or a Support like Fischl. This role within the team will determine what small changes players will need to make for Razor as they attempt to build him optimally. More specifically, this will decide what Artifacts players will want to equip him with.

Regardless of which role he\’s put in, there are a few select weapons that players can equip to Razor that will be beneficial. While the 5-star claymore Wolf\’s Gravestone will likely be most players\’ go-to weapon for this build, there\’s nothing wrong with choosing the 3-star Debate Club. Debate Club works extremely well for claymore users, as it deals additional ATK DMG in an area every 15 seconds whenever the user uses their Elemental Skill, a normal attack, or a charged attack.

Returning to Artifacts, players wishing to make Razor their primary DPS will want to be on the search for the Gladiator\’s Finale Artifact set. This set, dropped by Elite Bosses and Weekly Bosses once players achieve World Level 2, will give Razor a sizable buff to his DMG output with an increase of 35% to his normal attack damage when four Artifacts of the set are equipped.

Players wishing to make Razor a Support on their team will want to search for the Thundering Fury Artifact Set. Four artifacts from this set will give Razor a boost on damage afflicted by the Overloaded, Electro-Charged, and Superconduct status effects by 40%. Unfortunately, to attain these Artifacts players will need to plunge into The Midsummer Courtyard at Domain of Blessing: Fires of Purification III or higher in order to have a chance at receiving one of them.

With these weapons and artifacts, players lucky enough to pull Razor should have no problem making him as much of an animal on the battlefield as he is in his heart.

Genshin Impact is available now on PC, PS4, and mobile.