Genshin Impact players will become familiar with the sword weapon class as soon as they start the game, as the default Traveler character uses swords as their primary weapon. While players may not start out with a great weapon, there are a total of 21 different swords to choose between should they be lucky enough to get them. Of all of these, one weapons stands a cut above the rest.

Weapons, characters, and artifacts in Genshin Impact are all ranked in power by a star system. 1-star items are the worst of the bunch, and are typically only used as experience for better items, while 5-star items are incredibly powerful but very rare. It comes as no surprise then that the best sword in the game is 5-star sword.

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Though there are two 5-star swords available to players, Aquila Favonia is the better of the two and the best sword of all currently in Genshin Impact. This is of course subjective, and some players may find the other 5-star sword, Skyward Blade, to work better for them and their specific playstyle.

Aquila Favonia is a 5-star sword and has the highest base attack of any sword in the game, sitting at 48 at level 1. Beyond just dealing great damage, its passive ability provides a 20% bonus to the wielder\’s attack stat all the time, and triggers an effect whenever the player is hit. Whenever the player is hit while using this sword, they regenerate HP equal to 100% of their attack stat and deal 200% of their attack stat as damage to surrounding enemies. This effect can be triggered once every 15 seconds, and provides consistent damage and healing throughout a fight.

If the player somehow managed to fully upgrade the sword\’s passive ability by obtaining multiple copies of Aquila Favonia, it becomes even more powerful, with its attack bonus increasing to 40%, healing increasing to 160% of attack, and damage to nearby enemies jumping to an insane 320% attack. This is nearly impossible to achieve, though, since the only way to get it is through wishing and the odds of receiving even one of these weapons is highly unlikely. Even so, these weapons will be especially powerful when used by Genshin Impact\’s S Tier sword users like Jean.

Those players wanting to try and wish Aquila Favonia should focus on the Epitome Invocation banner. This banner provides the highest odds to drop the sword, with a 0.7% chance of rewarding a 5-star weapon. If the player gets lucky enough to pull a 5-star weapon, then there\’s a chance they\’ll get Aquila Favonia which has increased drop rate currently.

Genshin Impact is available now on Mobile, PC, and PS4, and later on Switch.