A Genshin Impact player has found a bug that lets anyone bring five characters with them in a party, instead of the four normally allowed by the game. A month after its release, Genshin Impact is already off to an incredible start after one of the most successful launches for a mobile game ever.

While some players had been keeping an eye on Genshin Impact throughout its development, it caught most people by surprise when it was released. Genshin Impact combines a gacha system for recruiting new characters with a fully featured open-world RPG, a combination that’s gotten it a lot of positive attention, but also criticism for what some say are predatory microtransactions.

Controversial gambling mechanics aside, Genshin Impact has gained a whole lot of fans who are doing a lot more than just building out their parties and tackling the game the way it’s intended. One recent bug gave players a novel way to deal with a flock of troublesome pigeons outside one of Genshin Impact’s big cities, and a new one is providing a much more practical way to break the game. Reddit user FaydeCSGO shared a reproducible method to get an extra character into a party, which adds not only one more life bar to keep players in the game but a whole lot more utility thanks to Genshin Impact’s elemental combat interactions. The bug involves first killing one character in the party, then using some quick mouse clicks to open the revive menu and the main menu at the same time. Players can then swap out the dead character with another in the main menu, and return to the game to revive the first character. If it’s done correctly, the player will now have five active party members that they can switch between in combat.

As players in the Reddit thread’s comments are saying, this is one bug that many are hoping won’t get fixed. Having five characters in a party instead of four certainly breaks the balance of combat the way it is now, but it also opens opportunities to get even more creative with mixing skills. This bug may get patched out in Genshin Impact’s massive upcoming 1.1 update, but for now, players can go wild with their elemental combinations.

One reason players may be so enamored with finding exploitable bugs right now is that Genshin Impact is in a bit of a lull when it comes to new content. The period between its release and its first big update has had a lot of players complaining about a lack of meaningful things to do and progression being gated behind scarce resources. Hopefully, Genshin Impact 1.1 will introduce enough content to keep players focused on playing the game the intended way for a little while longer.