Fans of miHoYo\’s expansive open-world RPG, Genshin Impact, have been quick to identify the countless treasures and secrets hidden throughout the game. Lately, some devoted fans have begun sharing their fast-travel tips, the most common of which seems to be \”bunny hopping.\”

Genshin Impact boasts a map just as impressive and awe-inspiring as Breath of the Wild, which it\’s so frequently compared to. Despite access to gliding and teleporting, players often find themselves traveling hundreds of in-game meters to discover new locations, and needless to say, this has inspired fans to search for the fastest ways to travel.

\”Bunny Hopping\” can be performed by characters who have a relatively quick jump (hot characters like Diluc are a bit tougher to pull this off with, for example,) and allows for the player to travel considerably faster than by sprinting. To initiate a bunny hop, a player should attempt to start running, but begin to jump as soon as the initial running momentum builds. They should then simply continue to hop towards their intended destination, which players should be able to reach a bit faster thanks to the trick.

Players should simply wait until their character is about to start running full-speed, and then spam the jump button. This initiates a series of hops (hence \”bunny hopping\”) that propels the character much more efficiently than running does. And in true anime fandom fashion, characters like Qiqi, Venti, and Lisa, have all quickly gained notoriety for looking particularly whimsical as they skip along with this technique.

Many other players have also pointed out that bunny hopping — in some way, shape, or form — is actually quite commonplace in similar video games. When characters are given the ability to jump with varying degrees of strength — that is, when players can choose between a lighter jump and a heavier jump — there seems to often exist a way to exploit the jump animation and move more efficiently. Apex Legends features a version of bunny hopping, for example, but even games like Smash Bros. Melee have analogous features.

It doesn\’t seem like Anemo-wielding heroes will be using horses to climb mountains like in the Skyrim times, but nonetheless, bunny hopping can help run up cliffs in Genshin Impact. Whether or not players need the speed boost, it\’s a good technique to keep in the toolbelt, in case of emergency!

Genshin Impact is available now on the App Store, Google Play, and PS4.