Genshin Impact is finally starting to kick off its in-game events with the introduction of Klee, its newest character. To make sure these events only get better, miHoYo is also reaching out to its player base with a brief survey.

Players who log on to Genshin Impact today will now find a message from the game\’s creators in their inboxes: miHoYo would love to hear how fans feel about the new game. Players interested in voicing their praises (or concerns) can follow a link at the bottom of the message, which opens up a short Genshin Impact preferences survey.

Players who complete the survey will receive 30,000 Mora, which is the standard form of currency in Genshin Impact. Prizes aside, the survey gives devoted fans a chance to directly express their thoughts on the game to its team of creators. Given the ever-growing (and free-to-play) nature of Genshin Impact, miHoYo has the opportunity to make significant leaps with its patches and updates to the game. And it isn\’t to say Nintendo didn\’t take fan input into account when making Breath of the Wild, but once that game was released, for example, input from fans was relatively irrelevant.

In this case, fans can let the developers know precisely how they feel about the new game (there are even open response questions) while it\’s still actively being adjusted and improved upon. In miHoYo\’s own words, the developers are using the survey to figure out how they can make Teyvat a better experience for all. The survey covers the basic gamut of quality assurance and user experience questions, while also tossing in a few specific opportunities for fans to really write their hearts out.

Once players follow the link, they\’ll start off with simple inquisitions, like \”How do you feel about this version of the game?\” and general questions about the motivating forces behind each player\’s experience. Once participants get through the broader questions, the survey inquires about specific content and gameplay features, like Ascension, the late-game Spiral Abyss, the Adventurer Handbook, and even name cards. (Admittedly, there are quite a few questions about name cards.)

Genshin Impact is available now on the App Store, Google Play, and the PS4.