The colorful cast of characters in Genshin Impact is one of the many reasons fans love the game so much. With over two dozen playable characters in the game already, and more on the way, players can choose which characters they want to invest in – and which ones they want to ignore. Unfortunately, no matter which characters make up a player\’s party in Genshin Impact, Paimon will always be the talkative, loyal sidekick that can\’t be ignored.

Depending on which fans are asked, Paimon is either the best character in Genshin Impact – or the worst. Many fans seem to lean toward the latter, with people on multiple forums discussing all the ways to avoid listening to her. According to those players, Paimon is a pest, an overly talkative Navi from Ocarina of Time who just doesn\’t know when to shut up. Because of this, lots of fans are asking for a \”Mute Paimon\” feature in the game.