Genshin Impact Travelers are no strangers to the game\’s nonstop hidden content by now; much like its inspiration, Breath of the Wild, miHoYo\’s free-to-play hit often challenges players to completing unnamed tasks in exchange for surprise treasure. While many of these chests are literally invisible until earned, others are simply obscured by unfortunately placed debris.

Players exploring the lands of Teyvat can generally use their \”Elemental Sight\” to see if any nearby objects are \”interactable,\” which often helps find hidden treasure in Genshin Impact. If a chest is hiding behind a thick bramble, for example, using Elemental Sight will highlight the bramble as something a player could burn with Pyro abilities, thereby leading the player to a discovery.

Ironically, so many of the game\’s secret treasures are hidden in such a similar way that the most often overlooked ones tend to be those that are simply hiding the old fashioned way. Since Elemental Sight only tends to highlight the special features of Teyvat, a treasure chest hidden behind a simple pillar, or a giant immovable tree, for example, would remain invisible to the ability.

One such treasure chest exists in the Guyun Stone Forest, a small archipelago just slightly northeast of Liyue Harbor. It can also be located by heading directly south from the mostly inaccessible Dragonspine. This small series of islands hosts the Domain of Guyun, which is one of the Domains of Blessing in Genshin Impact. These special Abyssal Domains allow players to collect particularly valuable Artifacts upon completion (and upon a generous donation of Original Resin).

As Redditor u/Plato2901 points out in their brief video below, players can find the secret chest by veering away towards the right of the Domain of Guyun entrance. Thankfully, this Domain serves as the main teleport waypoint for the immediate area, so teleporting Travelers will find themselves almost done shortly upon arrival.

Players will find a seemingly innocent collection of debris just to the right of the Domain of Guyun. If checked with Elemental Sight, players will notice nothing out of the ordinary – the rubble cannot be blown up to reveal a secret cave, or anything of the like. Instead, Travelers will actually find a small clearing in the debris, that allows for a character to climb through into a small natural chamber made by the fallen rocks. Within lies the treasure chest.

Again, given the game\’s plentiful elaborate treasure hunts, including but not limited to treasure chests that players find underwater, it\’s no surprise that loot like this is flying under most players\’ radars. That being said, Genshin Impact has only been out for roughly one month, so casual players have barely had time to truly dig into the content. With time, even once-a-week Travelers can learn to spot the signs of hidden treasure.

Genshin Impact is available now on the App Store, Google Play, PC, and PS4, and is currently in development for Switch.