Genshin Impact: Don’t Miss Out on These Secret Features for Amazing Rewards

Genshin Impact, the open-world action RPG from miHoYo, had experienced the biggest international launch for a Chinese game. Within a month of its release, it has become one of the most trending games on the internet.

The game has some secret features that players might have missed out on. Therefore, YouTuber Gacha Gamer has a guide for players to uncover these secrets for amazing rewards and have a better Genshin Impact experience overall.

Hidden Achievements in Genshin Impact

The action RPG has several achievements hidden from the player that only show up once you complete them. For unlocking the first one, you need to have four characters of the same element in the party setup. Choose any domain you want, regardless of the difficulty level, and finish the trial. The achievement notice will show up, awarding you with the Fantastic Four Achievement, without even needing to spend any Resin to claim the reward.

The second one is quite straightforward, with no requirements. All you have to do is to keep dashing for 15 seconds. The trick to this achievement is to keep jumping after your character’s stamina runs out. This cheerful performance will unlock you the “Run, Melos! Achievement.”

The last one involves getting two achievements in a single attempt by gliding a long distance for over 80 seconds. Having maxed-out stamina and someone like Amber or Venti in your party, who can reduce your gliding stamina consumption, is perhaps the most convenient way to do it. Jump from the Starsnatch Cliff towards a small island seen at a faraway distance and keep gliding until you reach the ground. Once there, you will get two achievements. In case you don’t complete it, there’s still a secret quest found on the island that requires doing.

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Saving time and Resin

Players might find two Battle Pass quests a little annoying to accomplish. The first one being a daily quest that requires a player to mine 10 Ores. You can simply skip this by collecting the Ores from your previous expeditions instead. Additionally, you can complete the quest by purchasing the Ores from various sellers, and it counts towards your daily quests.

The next one is perhaps the most sweaty. It is the weekly quests to complete Ley Line deposits. However, there’s a secret to completing this quest by spending no Resin. You can activate the Ley Line deposits in the two regions and fight all the monsters. Once it’s over, it will count towards your progress of completed Ley Line deposits for the weekly battle pass quest. Moreover, players get to keep all the monster materials that drop during the fight.

However, there’s a catch. Basically, this works only once on each deposit per day for a total count of four times. Since a player doesn’t activate these deposits with Resin to collect the reward, they can only do this four times per day, letting unopened deposits reset the next day.

A cave below the ground in Genshin Impact

The game has a secret underground cave occupied by Hilichurls. Teleport to the waypoint shown below, and travel all the way into the mountains to the marked location.

Here you will find a well-hidden area, which you need to jump down to and clear out all residing Hilichurls. Once completed, three chests will get revealed in a small chamber. You can enter by breaking the wooden boxes blocking the entrance.

Meanwhile, players can land on a chest on the popular Wangshu Inn. After teleporting there, jump down and glide towards the watermill. You will need to swim under the structure and activate the Cryo totem for an exquisite chest reward.

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Nameless Treasures

While traversing, you might have noticed some Nameless Treasures in your backpack. Well, there’s a secret quest that requires completion by collecting three such treasures. The first Nameless Treasure will take you to Dunyu Ruins, where you will notice a huge barrier protecting an underwater chest. You can disable the barrier by completing a puzzle in the area shown below.

The second chest is at the Lingju Pass. There you need to rescue a quest giver trapped in a cage. After freeing her, she will tell you about a hidden chest location containing a Nameless Treasure inside.

Meanwhile, the third Nameless Treasure can be found at Qingxu Pool, where you will need to interact with a tombstone and use a Geo elemental skill to start the mini-puzzle.

Once you sweep all three locations and collect the treasures, head over to the Souvenir Shop in Liyue and wait until 21:00. Talking to the shop owner will display a special dialogue option, allowing you to exchange the three Nameless Treasures for 100,000 Mora and 40 Primogems.

Two precious and strange treasure chests in Genshin Impact

Completing all the secretive quests can be a little exhausting. Therefore, consider rewarding yourself with two more easy-to-get precious treasure chests. You can find one chest in the Guyun Stone Forest. Simply climb on top of these boats and smash the rubble of rocks above.

The next chest, however, is a strange one, involving standing on a dead branch. You can locate this branch by visiting the Dunyu Ruins in this specific location.

Finally, all you need to do is stand on this branch and the chest will appear. Those interested can check out Gacha Gaming’s video.

After Genshin Impact’s enormous success, miHoYo has three updates lined up for the game in the upcoming four months. The 1.1 update for the game rolls out on November 11 and is the first step in miHoYo’s plan to make the game even better.

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