Free-to-play darling Genshin Impact has put up impressive download numbers since its release last week, totaling over 17 million downloads on mobile alone – with figures from PC and PS4 users still to come. Developer miHoYo\’s open-world, action-adventure RPG title has long since shed its The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild comparisons and has emerged as a compelling title full of interesting takes on its genre.

One of the biggest pulls to Genshin Impact, however, has been its fluidity as a cross-platform title that allows players on PC, PS4, and mobile to play together in co-op modes. On top of that, the game\’s PC and mobile cross-progression systems help complement its various endeavors – players can embark on adventures on their PC if they\’re worried combat will require some tight controls, but other pursuits, like cooking and sending party members out to gather resources, can be managed on mobile. Given the game\’s appealing aesthetic and deft world design, the fact it\’s even available on mobile at all has sold many people on giving it a shot.

The game\’s broad appeal has certainly translated into Genshin Impact download numbers, as a report from mobile data analytics platform App Annie on Twitter revealed that miHoYo\’s new title had managed to accrue 17 million mobile downloads alone. That figure was achieved in just four days after release, and the word-of-mouth advertising will likely inflate those numbers further as more players begin to discuss what appears to be the next big gaming phenomenon. Genshin Impact download figures are even more impressive because that 17 million doesn\’t include users on PC and PS4 – with the latter, thanks to the fact it doesn\’t have cross-progression with another platform, likely a major influx of numbers once it\’s counted.

Despite the game\’s anime aesthetic and gacha system gating some of its best characters, fans have flocked from all kinds of demographics to download Genshin Impact and try it out. There\’s no doubt it\’s heavily inspired by Breath of the Wild, but it does enough different – in terms of structure, gameplay loops, and more – that Genshin Impact downloads being as high as they are isn\’t particularly surprising.

What will be important in the immediate future will be how Genshin Impact downloads continue to grow now that the game is a known quantity. One thing Genshin Impact does well is give away enough premium currency early to hook players, but when the actual gameplay loop begins and it becomes a lot more of a grind, it will be interesting to see how players cope. Many players engaging with Genshin Impact aren\’t necessarily ones who fully embrace gacha systems in their usual gameplay, but the game\’s depth – and its accessible characters being serviceable for free-to-play users – might mitigate that issue all the same.