Genshin Impact Endgame Content Ideas To Keep Players Wishing

Players have been enjoying Genshin Impact for over a year now, but some are finding through a dearth of endgame content that they\’re running out of things to do. The amount of content the developers have put out thus far is truly impressive, but the issue is that almost none of it is endgame content or even replayable. For those that have been playing the game for months or even a full year, there just isn’t enough content in Genshin Impact to keep them playing in between these updates.

When players first start Genshin Impact, the amount of things to do is almost overwhelming. There are so many story quests and side quests to complete, chests to find, and characters to meet. The problem is that once all of these things are done there just isn’t much else to do. Quests aren’t replayable (except for Genshin Impact\’s Hangout Events), chests don’t respawn, and events are only available for a limited time. The Spiral Abyss is always an option, but it only resets four of its floors twice a month. Genshin Impact is supposed to have a long lifespan with the story spanning several years, but in order for players to stick around to see its conclusion, there needs to be more to do in the endgame.

The biggest issue with Genshin Impact as far as endgame content goes is a lack of replayability. There are quite a few Domains that are a one time only deal, meaning that once players complete them, these buildings just sit there unused. Refreshing these areas periodically would automatically give players more content on a consistent basis, and the amount would only increase as more regions of the map are unlocked. Additionally, the model established by Genshin Impact\’s Labyrinth Warriors event would work perfectly with these domains, but there\’s also plenty of potential for new ideas. Randomized floors with different groups of enemies, traps, and rewards would stay interesting and fun for a long time. Add co-op to the mix, and these Domains become a great space to enjoy Genshin Impact with friends.

Genshin Impact Needs Replayable Content

At this point in the game’s lifespan, it seems like the main objective between updates is to wish for new characters and build them. Once the player has a team of strong characters, there isn’t really a reason to build or wish for any one else because there isn’t any content in the game challenging or varied enough to require it. The Spiral Abyss is entirely optional content and really only exists to test out characters as the rewards are terribly lack luster. Without a purpose for these new characters, the incentive to get them will go away.

One solution would be to add in new bosses that are much more challenging than even the Weekly Bosses. They could have minions or randomized attacks to keep players on their toes. Like Genshin Impact\’s Azhdaha, these bosses could change their elements to encourage players to use a variety of characters. There could also be the option to use two teams during the fight, like in the Spiral Abyss, but with a quick swap option. Instead of receiving only Character Ascension Materials or artifacts, these bosses could reward players will things like Condensed Resin, Primogems, and even characters. The amount and quality of these rewards could also depend on how well the player performed, i.e. damage dealt, completion time, reactions used, etc. In order to keep things fresh, the boss could either change its attacks each update or change completely into an entirely new boss. With the difficulty level, and the rewards, raised, players will be much more likely to spend more time in Genshin Impact with this kind of content.

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