While MiHoYo had many quality-of-life improvements rolled out for the Version 1.1 update to Genshin Impact, one is doing more harm than good, resulting in players accidentally killing themselves. However, the developer has plans to resolve the issue.

Genshin Impact is still a young game, only having been released at the end of September. Likewise, MiHoYo is continously working on enhancing the game for the best player experienced. With the recent 1.1 update to Genshin Impact, players are now able to store Original Resin, essentially boosting the maximum amount of Resin they have at one time, as well as create temporary waypoints for more efficient traveling.

But one change that didn\’t turn out quite as MiHoYo had planned was the change to environmental elemental damage that can hurt both enemies and the player. The simplest examples are when the grass is on fire and does burning damage when the player or an enemy is standing in it, or when Electro is used in the water, causing shock damage when someone is standing in the body of water.

As the environmental reactions only did a minuscule amount of damage beforehand, MiHoYo seemingly rolled out a change to Genshin Impact that the damage would scale with the player\’s World Level, thus creating more of a challenge. The Shanghai-based developer\’s goal was to encourage players to use new strategies in the wild, but it\’s rather resulted in characters dying within seconds, making some boss fights necessarily difficult.

Fortunately, MiHoYo\’s announced that the developers are currently discussing how to remedy the issue and will keep Travelers updated when a decision is made.

Genshin Impact is available on mobile devices, PC, and PS4 with PS5 and Switch versions in development.