Fans of Genshin Impact have been enjoying plentiful new content with the game\’s recently arrived Version 1.1 update. Aside from inviting players to partake in a new event, the massive update introduced new playable characters, enemies, quests, and even cooking materials.

Much like its inspiration, Breath of the WildGenshin Impact relies on cooking and food to heal and protect its players. The game\’s new patch introduces several new dishes for players to try their hands at, alongside a palette of new ingredients to be harvested.

In short, Travelers can process harvestable materials like wheat into ingredients that can be cooked into tasty dishes. While foraged fruit and flowers sometimes offer minor healing effects (~300-400 HP), cooked dishes will all provide substantial bonuses ranging from passive HP regeneration to CRIT Rate enhancement and Elemental Resistance. Version 1.1 of the game may be drawing attention for introducing powerhouses like the creeping Tartaglia and the Genshin Impact Geo champion Ningguang, but the update also included several new special meals.

There are eight new culinary creations that Travelers can cook in Version 1.1 of Genshin Impact, and thankfully, their recipes are all available from easy-to-reach sources. The new dishes and their recipes\’ locations- separated by region- are as follows:


Reputation Reward Recipes

  • Northern Apple Stew (+HP) | Reward for reaching Reputation Level 1 in Mondstadt
  • Adventurer\’s Breakfast Sandwich (+ATK) | Reward for reaching Reputation Level 4 in Mondstadt
  • Moon Pie (+DEF) | Reward for reaching Reputation Level 7 in Mondstadt


Reputation Reward Recipes

  • Golden Shrimp Balls (Revive) | Reward for reaching Reputation Level 1 in Liyue
  • Lotus Flower Crisp (+DEF)| Reward for reaching Reputation Level 4 in Liyue
  • Tianshu Meat (+DMG/CRIT Rate) | Reward for reaching Reputation Level 7 in Liyue

Purchasable Recipes

  • Bamboo Shoot Soup (HP Regen) | Available for purchase from Verr Goldet, Wangshu Inn
  • Triple-Layered Consommé (+Shield strength) | Available for purchase from Chef Mao, Wanmin Restaurant (Liyue Harbor) at Adventure Rank (AR) 40+

Travelers can, fortunately, find all of these recipes by making quick visits to Mondstadt, Liyue Harbor, and Wangshu Inn, all of which have their own teleport waypoints. While the Reputation Reward recipes may take some time to unlock, the process is about as simple as it can get: simply play through the new Genshin Impact Reputation system.

Players will earn these recipes as rewards as they build their reputation in either Liyue or Mondstadt, while the remaining two recipes, Bamboo Shoot Soup and Triple-Layered Consommé, are available for purchase in Liyue. Both of these new recipes make use of harvestable bamboo shoots that were added in Version 1.1, but aside from that, they\’re all fairly simple recipes to craft.  Golden Shrimp Balls definitely stand out for providing a nice way to revive players, though they\’re tougher to make than would be ideal. That said, Bamboo Shoot Soup and the Consommé both offer impressive boosts, though players won\’t have access to the Triple-Layered delight until reaching AR 40.

Genshin Impact is available now on the App Store, Google Play, PC, and PS4, and is currently in development for Switch.