Genshin Impact players have found an easy trick to regaining stamina that can really help when out on long expeditions swimming to difficult locations, but can only be done when the player is in a body of water near a cliffside.

Upon its initial announcement, Genshin Impact was dubbed a \”Breath of the Wild clone\” by the gaming community. It\’s true that there are many similarities between the two games, both in aesthetics and mechanics, making it clear that Genshin Impact was heavily inspired by the Legend of Zelda hit. One of these ways that Genshin Impact takes inspiration is in its stamina element, which operates very similarly to the one BotW.

Like in Breath of the Wild, stamina is the energy meter that gauges how long the player can do certain actions such as sprint, swim, or climb. In order to venture to difficult locations with the rarest prizes, players will need to upgrade their stamina meters accordingly. This can be done by finding and leveling up Statues of the Seven around Mondstadt and Liyue, and likely the future regions such as Dragonspine when it releases in December. Because of this, finding the Anemoculus and Geoculus in these regions is a priority for exploring. Or players can simply use the exploit found by u/FlabbyToes on Reddit.

This exploit found in Genshin Impact looks like it can only be done if the player is swimming in a body of water next to a cliffside wall, but it also provides unlimited stamina and allows to the player to continuously swim, given that this isn\’t a bug specific to u/FlabbyToes. To use the tactic, when running low on stamina, the player should swim up to the wall, latch on, and finally jump off and press the attack button. This will cause the character to perform a plunging attack, and doing so repeatedly will gradually restore stamina.

This process can be repeated so long as a wall or another structure is nearby to grab onto. As one commenter said, this is probably an oversight by the development team at MiHoYo and it\’s likely that the exploit may get patched out in the future. So Genshin Impact players should utilize it while it\’s still available to get to the difficult locations in-game.

Alternatively, some Genshin Impact recipes are extremely easy to make and help players quickly regain stamina, which may be the preferred route if MiHoYo decides to patch out the above stamina exploit.

Genshin Impact is out now for mobile devices, PC, and PS4 with a Nintendo Switch version on the way.