Genshin Impact has 24 unique playable characters, but it\’s understandable that the initial four characters that players unlock tend to be fan favorites of sorts. They each have very unique personalities that fans get to see a lot of throughout the story, and since everyone gets them players can discuss the characters freely. Lisa is one such character, and now one dedicated gamer is showing her love for Lisa with a great cosplay.

Despite Genshin Impact rising to popularity swiftly, the cosplay scene has stayed under the radar for the most part. Those looking for cosplays will find a wealth of great builds, but otherwise they don\’t come up in media often.

This Lisa in particular is an extremely detailed cosplay, and needless to say fans are absolutely loving it. Lisa is a unique character due to her risque appearance and even more flirtatious behavior. These traits have even inspired a subset of fans to create a subreddit dedicated solely to her, though caution is advised to those planning on exploring that subreddit.

At the moment, cosplayer RinneR only shows off a short six second video of the outfit, but it\’s likely that fans will see more soon. In response to a commenter, RinnieR confirms that she did a full photo shoot in the cosplay, so there\’s bound to be more than just these six seconds of content coming out of it. It\’s clear that a lot of hard work went into creating this, as the details are immaculate and RinnieR doesn\’t hide her pride in the design.

What makes this particularly amazing is the short timespan since the game\’s release and the reveal of this cosplay. Granted, Lisa as a character was shown in betas and even some promotional material for the game, but the build captures her aesthetic perfectly, right down to the lantern hanging off the back of the hat. The colors used are also spot on, featuring Lisa\’s iconic purple, gold, and white colors. Finally, even the caption chosen for the short preview is perfect, as it quotes Lisa\’s familiar line \”hey cutie.\”

RinneR doesn\’t intend on making any more Genshin Impact cosplays in the near future, but seems open to the idea when she has the time. Fans would certainly love to see more characters from Genshin Impact represented in this manner, but Lisa seems like a fitting place to start for RinnieR, and there are many other cosplayers that have tackled different characters.

Genshin Impact is available now on Mobile, PC, and PS4, and later on Switch.