The newest banner to hit Genshin Impact is also the game\’s second promotional banner event, and introduces the mischievous Pyro-user, Klee. This clover-themed explosives expert introduces several new uses of the Pyro Element/Vision, and apparently, they share some interactions with Anemo-wielders\’ abilities.

Genshin Impact hit the mobile stores barely one month ago, and initially featured the Anemo-proficient bard, Venti, as a five-star character. With the introduction of Klee, players now have the opportunity to further diversify their parties.

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Mages wield powerful relics known as \”catalysts\”in Genshin ImpactThe main draw of these unique weapons is that they offer their user ranged Normal/Charged Attacks that deal Elemental Damage. As such, the majority of Klee\’s standard attacks are fire-infused magical strikes. Normal Attacks aside, her special ability Jumpy Dumpty leaves behind tiny Pyro-charged clover-spores, which explode and deal damage upon enemy contact.

One experimenting Genshin Impact fan has shared their discovery that these above-mentioned spore mines can actually be gathered, and blown away, by certain Anemo abilities. Anemo powers will apparently allow players to strategically move the mines generated by the new Pyro mage, Klee, and deploy them in more deliberate attacks, instead of as a mere defensive blanket. As u/Gtfooh12 has highlighted, this knowledge is best applied to Jean\’s unique skillset.

Jean is the Acting Grand Master of the Knights of Favonius, otherwise known as the Dandelion, or Lionfang, Knight. She is aligned with the Anemo Vision, and relies on swords in combat. She is one of the equally rare and powerful five-star characters in Genshin Impact, but if players happen to have her on their team, she makes an incredible alternative to the Traveler, regardless of potential Klee combos.

If Klee does happen to be around though, her Jumpy Dumpty skill shares a particularly interesting synergy with Jean. When used after Jumpy Dumpty, Jean\’s Elemental Skill, Gale Blade, creates a vacuum that draws in nearby enemies when held, and then launches those enemies forward in a powerful gale upon released. This skill can be directed at Klee\’s Pyro-clover mines, and lead to a powerful, focused, explosive assault.

Genshin Impact is available now on the App Store, Google Play, and PS4.