Genshin Impact has been very successful with many players from all around the world enjoying the game in both single-player and multiplayer. The game\’s main story however isn\’t complete with players needing the wait for future updates in order to see what will happen next.

One of the first things that players experience when starting Genshin Impact is the opening fight scene between the traveler twins and a woman only known as the Unknown God. This is the event that results in the capture of one of the twins and the removal of the player twin\’s powers. She however is never seen again in the current version of Genshin Impact.

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So far, it seems that the Unknown God may be the main antagonist of the game, but there really isn\’t much known about her. While she may appear again properly in the future, some players believe that she may have actually been secretly appearing in the game already under a different name.

The Theory

The biggest theory being passed around at this time is that Paimon is a weakened form of the Unknown God. This is due to both characters having white hair and Paimon\’s hair clip being similar to the cross shape that appeared with the Unknown God. The name Paimon is also the name of one of the kings of hell in certain religious texts, making some players even more suspicious of their little emergency food.

This theory is also furthered by there not being other creatures like Paimon in Genshin Impact, with other characters seeing her as an outsider to the world alongside the Traveler. Her magic additionally doesn\’t seem to use any known element that\’s been previously seen in-game which lines up with the Unknown God using some kind of unknown element as magic. There is also additionally mention of Paimon literally having multiple stomachs, although that may just be a joke about how much Paimon eats and loves food.

Paimon being the Unknown God would explain how there has been no sight or mention of her during the main game, despite the missing twin being seen in certain cutscenes. If Paimon is another form of the Unknown God, it would account for her lack of presence elsewhere.

Later on, this could lead to Paimon either betraying the player and revealing that they\’ve been tricked all along or the Unknown God getting some kind of redemption arc after spending so much time with the player. It could also lead to the Traveler getting a brand new elemental power from the Unknown God that only they could learn in order to fight an even greater foe that is still unseen.

Hole in the Theory

If Paimon is the Unknown God, this would present one major problem in Genshin Impact and that is in how much the game relies on Paimon. She is both a guide for the player and very active in both story cutscenes and side quest cutscenes. If she were to really be the Unknown God, a lot would have to be changed with both the game\’s UI and the various side quests that players can complete at leisure.

One solution to this would be to somehow remove Paimon and all mention of her during side quests that would normally have her interact in some capacity. This would take a lot of effort due to the Traveler mostly being silent and Paimon doing most of the talking. It is also possible for this detail to just be ignored after Paimon leaves the player and just have her appear again anyway and ignore any plot holes. Doing this would however be very sloppy and would likely not be taken well by players.

The only way for Paimon to both be alongside the player and be the Unknown God at the same time after the big reveal would be if the Unknown God had the aforementioned redemption arc. This could mean that Paimon would actively choose to stay alongside the player after her true identity is revealed.

Other Theory

With all the mysteries still remaining unsolved, it is possible that while Paimon could have some kind of connection to the Unknown God, she might not be the Unknown God herself. It is unknown if the gods in Genshin Impact can have children, but it is possible that Paimon could be related to the Unknown God biologically. She can also be some kind of spy for the Unknown God meant to keep tabs on the player whether she knows it or not.

Either way, Paimon herself is still a mystery in Genshin Impact. While she is the mascot for the game and has a lot of attention on her, there isn\’t much known about her just like the Unknown God. Players may be correct on the two having some kind of connection, whether they are the same person or they\’re related on a biological level. Until more of the game\’s story is released over time, players will just have to be left with their theories on what will happen to these characters in the future.

As more is released through Genshin Impact updates, this theory could potentially gain more traction or could be completely thrown out the window. There will also definitely be new theories as players can experience more of the world and meet more characters.

Genshin Impact is available now on Mobile, PC, and PS4, and is in development for Switch.