By now, most gamers have at least caught wind of Genshin Impact. The free-to-play MMORPG hit has been garnering praise as a Breath of the Wild alternate, and it just celebrated the release of its first major update to Version 1.1.

Fans of the game have been enjoying several new characters and other content thanks to the update, but Genshin Impact devotees seem to have their eyes fixed on coming months. While Tartaglia, Diona, and Ningguang were featured for Version 1.1, new characters like the frigid emissary Ganyu are set to be introduced in future updates.

To that end, Redditors have begun spreading images and videos taken from the game\’s closed beta test (CBT) featuring the Adepti-Human hybrid character. This Cryo Vision holder will likely be joining the game as an archer in mid-to-late December, as per information revealed by the recent Genshin Impact leaks, and players now have an even closer look at the Liyue Qixin messenger\’s skillset.

Players are dubbing Ganyu \”the Cryo Amber.\” Amber is the first of all free playable characters given to Genshin Impact players, and although she shares an affinity for bow and arrows with Ganyu, she actually holds a Pyro Vision. As such, her abilities are flame-based. She\’s an archer with an explosive taunt ability, and a \”rain from above\” Elemental Burst (the game\’s \”ultimate\” attacks).

Ganyu\’s Elemental Skill is currently titled \”Trail of the Qilin,\” and it leaves an \”Ice Lotus\” in place as Ganyu dashes backward. The lotus draws the attention of enemies, and has endurance that scales off Ganyu\’s Max HP. When destroyed, the Ice Lotus will \”bloom profusely,\” dealing massive area-of-effect Cryo damage. This move is similar to Amber\’s Baron Bunny, which performs the same basic functions but with fire. Trail of the Qilin does at least offer a nice offensive alternate to the recent Cryo bartender, Diona.

Ganyu\’s Elemental Burst, \”Celestial Shower,\” plays into the character\’s name (which translates to \”sweet rain\”). Ganyu creates an \”Ice Soul Gem,\” which effectively makes it rain Cryo damage on enemies. Despite its description evoking images of new Geo mage Ningguang, the Elemental Burst is more reminiscent of Amber in practice. It also offers teammate buffs, and additional debuffs to enemies when boosted by the power of Ganyu\’s Constellation. While her Constellation offers decent complements to her abilities, it stands out in its capacity to enhance Ganyu\’s Celestial Shower.

Although some players may be disappointed Ganyu seems like an Amber clone (Amber being one of the game\’s least popular characters), all should bear in mind that this information is taken from the game\’s beta. There is room for change before Ganyu\’s release. That being said, even her current state offers some interesting gameplay. For one, her Elemental Burst seems to apply Cryo to enemies every second, which allows for synergy with characters that can spark a Melt reaction.

Genshin Impact is available now on the App Store, Google Play, PC, and PS4, and is currently in development for Switch.